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Hi, finding myself so worried about eating the right thing (15w). I know about raw/undercooked meat and eggs, and unpasteurised dairy products - and I'm following those rules religiously - but find myself wondering whether things like packet curry sauces are ok if they contain things like cream. The one I'm looking at contains 4% cream but it's been sitting in a packet for a few weeks at least in the pantry and I'm just concerned as to whether the cream will still be ok after such a long time without any refrigeration! The sauce will obviously be cooked thoroughly (it's a going to be a chicken curry) and to piping hot so hopefully that kills anything that could have been lurking?! I'm sure the bags they come in are also treated to minimise bacteria growth. I know it's silly and I'm sure most people don't even think of it - I'm just very cautious by nature and now even more so!

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  • It's fine to eat stuff like that in packet sauces. If you are in the Uk it's also fine to have soft boiled eggs etc as eggs are vaccinated here.

  • It's probably dried cream, isn't it? Bacteria needs moisture to grow. Don't worry too much. Even these rules about eggs, meat and cheeses are to make sure even when risk is really small. You can even eat raw egg's if they have lion mark on them and at kept in fridge. Relax and enjoy your food:)

  • Thanks so much claire16c and DZuza - really appreciate your replies, they've made me feel a lot better! I did eat it and I did enjoy it - now just to relax about everything else :)

  • They change what you can and cant eat all the time, i had seven year age gap between my kids, my youngest is only 2 weeks old just rela and eat what you think you should and avoid whatever you dont want, I wouldnt worry too much as our mothers and grandmothers didnt have these rules and we all turned out fine

  • As long as you eat healthy and keep to a fairly stable diet you and unborn will be fine. During my pregnancy I now and again had the odd egg sarnie and the odd portion of tuna. All meats I had was fully cooked so I had to advoid a nice steak medium cooked. I also had the little treats as well. Considering I was pregnant over Christmas I couldn't ignore a nice Christmas dinner. I just laid off any alcohol. It's understandable with your concerns which shows a caring mother. Good luck Hun and if you do get more worried speak to your midwife. Xx

  • If you are in the UK the NHS has a really good advice section on it's website.

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