What will she eat?

Our 10 month little girl is presenting some challenges with weaning …. very little interested in food. We have had some success with cucumber especially but other sliced fruit / veg (which she mainly sucks at this point), can dip it in hummus or other dip which she quite likes. She'll put a rusk in her mouth but doesn't take much of it. Really objects to puree, baby porridge type stuff and doesn't like a spoon it seems - she likes to take control!! She doesn't seem hungry, doesn't really want to eat other than very occasionally and on her terms …. advice needed as we understand you need to get this going well prior to 1 year. Thank you all in advance …

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  • I have always practiced baby led weaning with all my four. The most important thing is not to over stress about it as kids pick up on that and may make it worse. She is ten months already, is she drinking too much milk that she might be full at meal times? Is she snacking however small which may make her not that interested? If she is a healthy weight then keep trying with everything e.g different foods, veg and fruit without stressing and she will eat when she is hungry and ready. My 22 months old was a very big baby and was breastfed she started weaning at 7 months and it was a gradual process. Initially we needed 2 spoons and a lot of patience as she wanted to feed herself and meal times were very messy but took interest as she wanted to be involved and we let her. Initially food was mushed but as we got older the consistency had to change. She sometimes wants to put her fingers in yoghurt and lick her fingers and we let her as long as she is eating. She now refused the high chair and wants to move every where. It's not easy but sitting down with her and keep encouraging her and praising her works. She is still big but not gaining as much as she is eating small amounts and plays up a lot. So long as they are a healthy weight I believe that they will soon grow and understand what is expected of them. When she has coughs and colds she goes off her food completely and relies on milk and yoghurts. Patience is key and also letting your baby guide you. If you want her to eat cereal in the morning offer cereal first and not milk and if you want to give fruit then offer it mid morning e.t.c. You will get there soon, don't worry too much. Lastly if you are still concerned speak to the health visitor as they are a valuable resource. Wishing you all the best 😊

  • Hi Sumariamira,

    That is very helpful, thank you - with 4 children you have obviously been there and worn the t shirt!

    I think you are right, there are times when we are getting a bit tense and worried about it and that won't help as she will pick up on it.

    I think you are also right about being told by her … after not wanting any breakfast she did quite well with lunch and was munching away on a breadstick with dip!

    Not giving her too much milk first I think is a valid point too.

    All good tips and we also appreciate the reassurance - thank you :)

  • Hi David_Browne thanks for the reply. Wishing you all the best 😊

  • I would definitely try baby led weaning. She can have pretty much anything at 10 months old, be carefully about too much sugar or salt that all! My LO Loves cheese! Cheese spread, grated, strips, cheese on toast...😆

  • Thanks Tractorgirl11! Baby led is the only way with her - she's quite strong-willed even now! We're slowly trying new things and interesting as you say to just avoid too much salt or sugar. Can I ask you about cheese? I thought we were meant to avoid stuff with cows milk in it until a year - is that wrong / are we close enough?

  • In my case I have noticed that the more active they become they get more hungry. When my daughter started walking and chasing her sisters she definitely became more interested. Also she likes eating with us. Sorry forgot to mention that in the other post. I tried cheese strings before 1year as my others were eating it. She tried it but isn't very keen.

  • Just started in the crawling department and now has some pace so that will help Sumariamira! Also agree with what you say - eating with us is way preferable to feeding her. She's glad to copy but not be fed!

  • Hi. My Little girl has been exactly the same! She's 20 months now and still she'll have a couple of days a week where she'll eat lots and then the rest of the week she doesn't! She'd live off milk if we let her!

    I have just always given her a variety of food on her tray to go at herself, as she too likes to be in control! Even if she just plays with it she's still aware that it's time to eat as I give it to her at roughly the same time. And I try to eat with her when I can for her to see its what everybody does!

    Have you tried petit filous yogurts?

    My daughter also likes it when I make vegetable gratin, Broccoli and cauliflower in cheese sauce, or dauphenoir potatoes. Which is great because I can pack it with veg!

    I know it's a pain, but just keep trying as it will pass eventually. Remember her stomach is tiny and babies will only take what they need and won't be greedy like us adults 😉

  • Thank you Beth235! I do recall reading that you should see what they eat in a week and not focus on that meal or day even though that is hard to do.

    Choice on her tray is a good idea, haven't done that, more trying one by one. Definitely worth a go and totally agree, her eating whilst we are.

    Haven't tried yogurt and cheesy veg sounds a good idea too.

    Teeny tiny tummies .... very true, but us adults greedy? Noooo!!!

    Thank you for the input!

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