Am i having a miscarriage?

Hi well in 6 weeks pregnant, been bleeding for the past week brown turning into heavy red and 2 days ago i went to out of hours doctor where they discovered i have a urine infection, yesterday i phoned and asked if any chance of scan for answers they told me to go a&e so after waiting hours on end i got seen just to do a urine sample and for them to take bloods both still have a positive pregnancy my blood pressure is sky high and temp is high too but ive passed a few clots some bigger than others about the size of a 10p so a&e told me to phone early pregnancy unit for an early scan which i did they called back to say i cant get one and they want me to go tomorrow morning for more bloods to check hormone levels, am confused and annoyed! Is there hope the babys okay anything yous can share with me thats similar..

Thank you!x

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  • Hi,

    This doesn't seem right. Please call ur clinic and ask for immediate scan or to be seen by a dr so that he can access your situation and advice accordingly.

    Please do not sit and wait.

    Wishing u well


  • Hi thanks for replying i know thats what both me and my partner think its such a horrible thing just feel that nhs arent listening to me atal i phoned the midwife they are saying all they cannt do anything today just want bloods tomorrow pure joke!x

  • Hi I am afraid they do make you wait at the early pregnancy unit. I've been a couple of times. First thing is to get some anti biotics which are safe during pregnancy to clear the infection. I had bleeding with 2 of my 3 pregnancies that carried on to full term but I also had bleeding during miscarriages. I've had 7 in all. If you are bleeding a lot like a period then that isn't good news but sometimes you get the brown bleeding during pregnancy. I would insist on them scanning you so you know either way. So sorry I totally understand how stressful and upsetting it is. I nearly always get infections during pregnancy it could be that causing the bleeding. It's just too complexed for people on here to know either way.

  • Thanks for replying they said wait till tomorrow for bloods then results my hormone levels are at 613 when should be 1000 plus but dno if it wil go up or down but ive passed clots and stuff so not looking to good me and my fiance never really believed it was pregnant so when we thought we lost the baby we werent as bad as would have been id we believed it,but the waiting about is making it worse :(

  • I'm so sorry I know it's awful. They should scan you just to see what's going on as the baby could still be ok. I was one time sent to the gyne ward to get a scan from A&E The guy who did it was horrible but at least I knew either way and it wasn't good news. You still need anti biotics for the water infection though. They are so painful and they shouldn't be making you wait for that.

  • U need to rush to ande . Really why do u want to get to d worst. This is simply unacceptable. It's as if u r just being bullied and u urself are allowing them. Please go to and&me near u or go to ur GP they can also request for an urgent scan.

  • Im not getting builled am not allowing my self to get worse i have no other choice theres nothing they can do and gp is closed now

  • h hun im currently in the same boat but m 13 weeks pregnant and ive been bleednng for two days have passed 2 clots aswell and tummy aches they r scanning me tomorrow but the doctor told me if i was having a miss carriage u shud b going threw pads every 20-30 mins and hud b n abit of pain

  • Good luck tomorrow let us know how u get on with it, x

  • Hope both of you are OK and it's just false alarms for you both. Let us know how you get on x

  • Thanks katie hope so too! X

  • I don't want to push u. O neither so I want u anyone to go through what Had to. But I got pregnant and then I was spotting and fainting so got scanned at 5 weeks itself and they found that it was an ectopic pregnancy(tubal pregnancy which is fatal) .Thank God I didn't wait uptil 6 weeks. I could have lost my life.

    What the clinic says to us is a generalised thing. U need to explain them and get them to scan u earlier. But if u r happy doing what they say . Then that's ur call really.

    Take care

    Keep us informed

  • Hi ano im getting there now my hormone levels went from 613 too 900 so thats a bit better im booked in for a scan the mora, wee bitta good news i suppose but not getting my hopes up after a few nurses/docs telling me im having a miscarriage really when they didnt even know, and sorry about what youv been through x

  • Oh that's a relief.

    Don't worry Everything will be fine gurl

    Just hang in there


  • In all honesty hun if you hormone levels have gone up chances are your not having one, when i had mine at easter, my levels had rapidly dropped over two days. Fortunately im now 36 weeks pregnant i got pregnant straight away after my miscarriage. I would not worry too much my dear

  • I had bloods done and they told me the levels weren't what they would expect and to prepare for a other miscarriage. I had to get scanned 2 days later if I hadn't started to miscarry to decide how to proceed, at the scan it there was a clear fetal pole and heart beat. Keep your chin up, all will be well x

  • I had bleeding etc in the days following my 12 week scan and as soon as I phoned my midwife she contacted the Early Pregnancy Unit at my local hospital and I was told to go in the same day. I didn't have a scan however they did do a speculum examination and check for baby's heartbeat; everything seemed to be fine. I am now 23 weeks pregnant and baby is well - I was told bleeding was normal and unable to be explained in some cases so hopefully this is the case for you too! I still don't know why I was bleeding but I was seen within a matter of hours so I don't understand why you haven't been seen to properly by the Early Pregnancy Unit.

    I hope everything is okay for you and baby. They certainly can do something today so keep pushing with them and don't give in.

    Best of luck x

  • Ive been to early pregnancy all theycould do is take bloods untill my levels rised, they got to 900 and scanned me the next day and never seen anything as its too early am so comfused x

  • Did they do an internal/transvaginal scan? I had a transvaginal scan at 5 weeks and didn't see very much, it was just a pregnancy sac and then at 7 weeks they saw a heart beating x

  • Aye they done both scans couldnt see anything atall, my levels are rising tho im so comfused u have bled and passed some clos earlier on this week, bleeding has calmed right down its just spotting now, they said it could be 2 early to tell but its nearly been 7 weeks since my last period so really unsure on whats going on, would be easier to find out then i can move on either way a also have cysts on my ovaries there small but said nothing to worry about they checked the tubes aswell and cant see anything there either x

  • Hmm that's very unusual! When was your last period due Hun? X

  • I know very weird its annoying that they dont know whats going on either hopefully find out soon and it was due 16th nov x

  • Yeah hopefully you will know soon. I would have thought they would be able to see something by now with a transvaginal scan. Very confusing! X

  • I know very weird but today i feel dead funny like a know somethings there, and ma brests feeling dead full and tender, ma knees are agony again, thats the symtoms a had they disapeered then camr back so hopefully a good sign, the lady said that it could be still to early to see anything with the insertation scan aswell but am so confused lol x

  • Yeah maybe it's a little early. Time will tell I suppose! Hope you're okay and get answers soon Hun x

  • Hey lovely, hope you're ok? I'm currently 10 weeks with an IVF pregnancy and have spent ALOT of time with fertility specialists. It is true that you can't generally see a heartbeat until 7 weeks and that's on an internal scan so as hard as it is, it's normal for maternity to not be able to see much just yet. As for cysts on the ovaries, this is totally normal during pregnancy so that's one thing less to stress about. Bleeding in early pregnancy is a lot more common than people are led to think and there are a number of reasons why it happens. I have everything crossed for you xxx

  • Hi thanks for your reply, it was really heavy bleeding i had with a few clumps which has settled down, im just spotting now and there monitering my bloods just waiting for results for todays bloods it was at 613 first time then 900 2 days later then 1300 another 2 days later so hopefully they go alot higher and i can see something on a scan soon as there high enough, ive noticed stress is causing me to bleed so staying stress free well trying lol, but should know myresults for today by this afternoon hopefully x

  • It's good that your levels have continued to rise 😊 Fingers crossed for today's results, please let me know how you get on xxx

  • Thanks, got my results, the levels have went up by 200, so there now 1500, really not sure whats going on '

  • As long as your level are still going up its usually a pretty good indicator of a continuing pregnancy. By now if you had miscarried your levels would have dropped drastically. Usually a reading of 1000 up indicates six weeks pregnant but everyone is different.

  • I know was thinking the same im gonna make a big complaint as they were telling me i miscarried already ad say if i do now its cause the worry and stress they have put me through since the bleeding and stuff started if the hcg is at 1500 is it still too early to request another scan? They arent doubling tho? Which is worrying they only went up by 200 in 48hrs :/ so comfused x

  • The worst they can do is refuse another scan. The rule about doubling is only a general rule, it all depends on your body. But ask for another scan if you want.

  • Im gonna do that ill phone them first thing in the morning, not sure if there open due too the holidays i had to go to a ward on saturday and today for bloods but the dr said he doesnt even know what he is too expect with my bloods bc epu havnt told him! :(

  • EPU's arent usually open on weekends and holidays. So they might not have been at work to tell them, everytime ive been in on a weekend ive been seen at triage

  • Allright i thought that, thanks for all your help kate! X

  • That's exactly what I was trying to explain to her. That she needed to be seen and checked out immediately. Even it's nothing and probably might settle down.

  • Ive had scans and lots of bloods took scan never seen anything neither did an internal scan, a duno why your saying thats what your trying to tell me i already know a shouldnt sit and suffer this demanding a scan etc just landed me in hospitial with a mega high heart rate of 140bpm due to all the stress, my hormone levels rised to 1367 today tho from 600 too 900 to 1367, dunno what is gonna happen next but hopefully it continues to rise then i get another scan and see something this time, x

  • If your hormone levels are rising then thats a good sign, they will probably scan you again soon. It should carry on rising mine when i ha my miscarriage dropped over first set of bloods not rose.

  • I know kate thanks, am just so impatient, just hope it goes up more when a get more done on monday, me and my fiancee are really confused on whats going on thanks for your reply and sorry about your miscarriage :( x

  • It's ok and dont worry about im currently 36 weeks pregnant I feel pregnant right after my miscarriage. im so ready for my baby to come now though xx

  • Awwk nothing worse than waiting lol he or she will be here soon for you💖all the best! X

  • Well u never came back to us that u already had a scan after ur bleed and ur blood. So d beta is rising which is good

    All d best

  • Well av been in hosp every day this week av no had time to n thanks

  • How is everything? Hope you got another scan and all was well

  • Was there any sac when they scanned you? I've had blighted ovum. That's when the sack grows but the baby doesn't but I've also had a molar pregnancy that's when the cells become abnormal and grow into a tumour. I had to be monitored for a year after that as it can turn cancerous but that's very rare. Also had a heartbeat and then the baby has gone a week or so after. Then normal miscarriages at home. It won't be a molar pregnancy though as your hormone levels go sky high with them. I wish you the best of luck and hope it's good news. I know how stressful it is. X

  • Epu is closed today :( but they never seen anything atall at the scan, they did do bloods the day before n levels were 900

  • How are you doing lovely? Xx

  • Hi im fine thanks im in a ward at the hospital i had an ectopic n had to get the tube and baby removed im fine just want to go home tho but thanks for everyones advice n stuff hopefully they will help others too thanks so much x

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