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4-5 weeks pregnant, bleeding, been doctors, what do I do now?

I'm about 4-5 weeks pregnant for the first time. I've had quite bad cramps from the start (I originally thought I had a water infection). Now I've started bleeding. I went to the doctors and he told me to take a week off work (I'm a fitness instructor) and got the "what will be will be" talk. He's sending me for an early scan but said that will probably be in the new year. What do I do now? How will I know? He didn't give me a sick note so after a week of self cert do I just go back to jumping about teaching fitness classes and hope for the best? Basically will it be obvious if I'm still pregnant? Or should I not do anything until the scan?

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if the doctor tells you to take a week off work but does not give you a sick note, what does he expect you to do, take a week off your yearly vacation time? I wonder if you aren't entitled to a sick note in your case, maybe try a different doctor?

It's heartwrenching, but I believe it is the best thing right now for you to have a lot of rest, give your body time and space and see what happens. If you are having a miscarriage even whilst resting, there really was nothing you could have done to prevent it. (taken for granted that you don't indulge in drugs, alcohol, smoking, excessively hot sauna.) Our bodies miscarry if something wasn't ok with the genetic material or if something went wrong along the way of first cell divisions/implantation.

Cramps and bleeding can be part of the implantation so this does not have to be a bad sign.

If you do rest for a week, chances are that by the time that week is over you'll know more.

If you start having clots of blood and/or if you experience strong pain, please go to a clinic again.

Good luck to you!


Sorry I forgot: if you are 4 weeks now, in one week you are 5 weeks pregnant and by that stage your doctor's office is able to confirm your pregnancy by either urine test or blood test. I would go to them to do the tests in case the urine test turns out negative, then they should do the blood test for you. This is justified in your case as because of the pressing situation with your work for the consideration of which you might not be able to wait for the early scan.

I wouldn't completely rule out the possibility that you can continue doing your job pregnant, after all you will be fit for your work. But the doc's advice to see how this week pans out seems right, you'll know so much more about your state and your pregnancy then to be able to make decisions for yourself.

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Hi I think you should go to the ER and make sure they do a scan for you and have one of the Doctors there give you a note for work I'm not sure how to tell you this but your health and the baby is the most important thing right now, take care of yourself good luck I'll keep you in my prayers.

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As a fitness Instructor I am hoping that someone from your healthcare team has hopefully discussed what is safe and what is not. Some exercises are advised against and also the cardio ones should not pass a certain heart rate. Yes you are fit but now is a time to still be fit but setting limitations to your schedules especially in the first trimester. Try to find out as much information as you can.


Sorry forgot to say try and rest as much as you can. I bled with my 3 rd daughter while doing a night shift on a busy Job @ 8 weeks but thank God I was able to get a scan the following morning and she was well. Took time off and started doing light duties and being mindful of what I was doing. Babies dont like stress, anything can affect them especially in the first trimester.


I am having my first pregnancy and when I expected my period (which never came as I was pregnant) I spotted for 2 weeks every other day. I as I am reading many pregnancy books, I read it is normal in some women (as long no red blood!) so I did not go to doctors but continued on doing my thing, but no longer put an input of energy as much as before (previous 30km joy ride on bike is now 12km long, somedays after 2 miles walk I need to stop and catch my breath which never happened before).

I noticed that if something could happen - it will happen to me (think I have experienced all symptoms of pregnancy (mildly) buy now - so I am looking forward to this bumpy ride - sciatica, hemeroids, water retention etc!)

I hope your cramping and bleeding will stop and will be a sign of a good implantation! As other women said - have as much rest as you can (would suggest no intercorse) , so whatever caused the bleeding can settle down! Be gentle to yourself!x


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