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Negative blood and pregnancy test



I am now 7 weeks since my lmp.. I'm 3 weeks late on my period and I have taken 3/4 different branded pregnancy tests all of which are negative, I have had a blood test at the doctors and this is also negative.

I was pregnant in this time last year and didn't find out for 3 months because of the same issue and this resulted in me having a miscarriage due to medication the doctor put me on for "hormonal inbalance"

Please can you advise me of the ways I can go from here, after last time I am taking it I am pregnant and taking the relevant vitamins that are needed etc.

I have all symptoms, sore boobs, back ache, missed period, tiredness, sickness.

My doctor will not refer me for a scan until a positive result is found and I am not willing to take the risk of not knowing and loosing this baby again. Can anyone recommend anything to be referred etc?


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Hi Jasmine2171,

if 7 weeks after your last period, a scan should show something I would have thought. Could you go to a doctor who does the scan privately and you pay for it? Ask how much it costs in advance of course and tell them what your financial limit is (so you don't get "surprise charges" for other things you didn't ask for on your bill).

That should be one step forward.

I am sorry you are going through this incertitude. If you get pain at all, go to a clinic immediately. With an hcg that low, you can't entirerly disregard the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy.

Good luck!!!

my advice would be to get a private scan meaning book one yourself better to be safe then sorry, im surprised with your history your doctor wont send you for a scan though, if money is tight maybe consult another doctor

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