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Hello Everyone, in March i had a miscarriage and then in June I was treated for an ectopic pregnancy - I was given 1 shot of methotrexate and all went as it should. I am now 5 weeks pregnant and I have been having pain on and off (TMI Alert) with occasional brown discharge when I wipe. My CBD test said 2-3 weeks on Sunday and today it said 1-2 weeks. My GP won't refer me to the EPU until I am least 6 weeks (so next Monday) should I prepare for bad news? I'd love to hear some good news of ladies who have been in similar situations and all has been well. Many thanks x

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I'm not sure Hun what the outcome will be but I hope it all goes well. Sounds like you've had quite a touch time already. Fingers crossed for you x


Thank you behappy 1, I've had a scan today and it was suspected ectopic - after 4 long hours of tests, I'm actually miscarrying. This is the better result of the two but I'm absolutely heartbroken. I have had so much terrible luck and I'm not very hopeful we will be able to complete our family 😢 Thank you so much for your kindness & replying x


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