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Baby turned 8 months nd unwell


What were teething symptoms with your babies? Was fever among that & loose stools with refusing drinking and eating ? My baby keeps mouth open and drools nd is moslty crying since yesterday . Cant understand how to help him , i have seen the doctors , they just advised paracetamol.

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Don't panic, monitor temp, give calpol and ibuprofen as advised by doctor and keep trying to feed. Babies on average have 11 minor illnesses in their first year. If the situation worsens go to A&E.

Sugu7 in reply to Dad101

Thank you , hes more active and fever down , but still refusing foods ! Had BF thou . Thank you for your replies

yes that sounds like teething to me, both my children were like this especially for there first two teeth

Sugu7 in reply to hspread

Thanks hopefully he gets better , how long did it last with your babies ?

hspread in reply to Sugu7

until the teeth broke through, as roxannacar said it does not cause fever but it does give high temperature and very grumpy, sickness lots of drooling constant crying, give calpol and made buy a teether stick it in the freezer, it helps soothe the gums

Teething doesn't give you fever. Sounds like a bug. As long as he's drinking it's fine. Keep an eye on the wetness of the nappies. Regular calpol and brufen if needed it does wonders!

Dad101 in reply to roxannacar

While teething doesn't give a fever specifically, both my children had awful ear infections with very high temps when their first teeth came through.

Thanks evryone , am a bit confused between bug and teething ! But atleast he's active now , what would you do if he refuses all kind of food and drink , he seems to have lost weight too 😞Its third day , had little bf .

Dad101 in reply to Sugu7

Hi Sugu7 sorry if your confused we all just want to help. Have you tried custard, or ice cream? Otherwise I'd go to the doctors today if you can, even just for your own piece of mind. If your doctors a bit unsympathetic try the health visitors. Some doctors have a wait and see attitude with ear nose and throat infections. We camw home from holiday early with my daughter when she was 7 months. Screaming, temperature, not eating, and wanting to sleep but the pain not letting her. We took her to the doctor who prescribed as yours did saying "oh the ears are a little red" 2 days later she was still no better and we had to find an out of hours gp on a Sunday who said she had horrendous earinfections in both ears and prescribed antibiotic's. Now I'm not saying thats what you have I'm saying make a judgement as a parent and if that involves seeing the gp again then do it!

is he refusing all drink? don't worry so much about the food but drink is important otherwise he could get dehydrated, have you had many wet nappies?

If it's teething or a bug it doesn't really matter ... as long as he's well inhimself, passing urine and you're managing to control the fever. Most bugs don't actually need antibiotics as they tend to be viral anyways, so antibiotics don't work on them. if he truly is refusing all bf/drinks (food is not as important) then you should see the doctor again.

Make sure you try feed him when the temperature is down and offer liquids often. When children are ill or teething they tend to go off food, but at 8minths still get most their nutrition off milk, so try not worry too much.

Thank you dear friends for your help , hes better , am so thankful for all your replies

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