So what it is i had my af last month and it should have came on the 25th of july but instead came the 26th of july lasted 3 days and was very light but dark red then brown then red again. The same has happened this month was due yesterday but it came today i have had all the signs or being pregnant from my af in june my breasts have got bigger and have been sore i am just wondering what anybody thinks. This is a photo also to show how swollen my stomach is just now and this is how it is all the time and when i eat it gets bigger.

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  • im assuming you have taken a test and obviously was negative, visit your GP

  • No i havent taken a test as of yet but i am going to by one as i feel this can not be normal.

  • oh sorry I thought you would of tested as it does sound like pregnancy however there can be other reason, when you take the test if it negative visit your doctor

  • I really should have took a test by now but i just hate the feeling when it comes out nagative if that makes sense. I should also say that my af both times has been bright red and watery.

  • I don't understand why you wouldn't take a test.... If it's negative which it might well be ... See your GP.... Bloating doesn't mean pregnancy ... And for your stomach to be so obvious if pregnant you'd have to be around 4 months. Just get a test!

  • I am going to by a test tomorrow and see what happens and am also going to book an appointment with my gp.

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