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They think I'm having a miscarriage and I'm not sure if they are right.

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So I found out I was pregnant. AND I have had brown blood coming out only when I used the restroom. I went to the hospital and they think I'm having a miscarriage but, I'm not in any pain. My levels was 96. As of my last period I would be 5 weeks today. Is it possible that I'm just not as far Along and I think I am. Please help. I can't stop crying. I'm going to a different hospital tomorrow to get a second opinion. I'm just so scared I don't wanna lose this baby.

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Did they check hCG levels 48 hours after the first test? If levels double then that's a good sign. You might be ok - bleeding can be more common than people realise in pregnancy but the only way to know is by doing the test again to see if levels increase or not. You're too early to see anything in a scan.

Sorry you're going through this. It's a scary time.

Unfortunately, it's a case of asking for bloods to be retaken24/48 hours later to see whether or not your hcg has doubled ok (although that doesn't mean you're out of the woods for sure) and then waiting until you are far enough along to get a scan. It is a horrible waiting game.

Just FYI: brown blood can be very normal in early pregnancy. They usually worry if you have really painful cramps then red blood with clots and bits. No one can tell you for sure until the scan happens, so relax, take it easy and monitor what happens blood wise.

If you're in lots of pain or bleeding heavily, go to a and e and remember, it's nothing you've done that has made this happen. Xx

Hi try not worry as you are going to the hospital everyone body is different so just wait till you are checked out,just try not to be a google doctor.Hope it all goes well x

I'm going to the obgyn today at 230. My levels were 96.

The thing is I'm not having any pains. No red blood or clots.

not all mc occur with blood and pain, they call it a silent miscarriage and no one is any the wiser until a scan or tests reveal hcg is not increasing, if your levels are still 96 im sorry to say they are correct, im sorry for your loss

So now the bloods repeat and the scan will be key. Not all miscarriages do have blood clots and pain, but they usually do. Silent/missed mcs mean you do need checking out by scan etc. as if you are sadly mis carrying, you may need help afterwards. Let us know how it goes.


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