36 WEEKS PREGNANT but Losing & baby's routine has changed ?

Hiya, I'm just wondering if anyone has ever lost weight at this pont of pregnancy? Our baby is already on the small side of normal, but now I seen my midwife today and she's measured me but looked really worried after wards and even rang the hospital to bring my scan forward a week to Thursday , But she Said she can't tell me things will be okay, So I'm just so worried as my baby has always been so crazy active but not lately, She's gone really quiet,

Just wondering if anyone has ever had this, ? If so , Will they start me labour to get her out I'm wondering? ❤

36 weeks pregnant today

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  • my midwife told me that if a babys routine changes and they are moving less then usual to phone labour ward, trust your instincts if you feel something is wrong get it checked out, hope this helps and good luck

  • At 35 weeks I had something similar that my uterus wasn't growing as much as I was found to have low liquor ... Had scan repeated after few days and seemed to settle. Baby was absolutely fine. They have to do scan to check, and hopefully all will be fine. Btw baby's move less sometimes because there's less and less space. Good thing is if they need to deliver early 36 weeks is not that early, babies do well at this age

  • It's true as I had my first child a boy delivered at 37 weeks 4 days and he is a healthy year old.

  • Try having something cold like a lolly and then lie down on left side see if you can get her moving a bit... but as someone already said midwives always say if you don't feel.them moving as much go to hospital. If you have a maternity triage ring first and then you can go straight there. I felt decreased movements with my 2nd and turns out when they did.my blood I had rapid onset preeclampsia. I knew it would happen eventually as I had it with my first. Always best to trust your mummy instincts if you think something isn't right get to the hospital

  • thank you for replying, I have notice a big change in movement & routine of the baby has changed completely, I get a little nudge here and there but Notting like she used to move, up to a week ago, she would hurt because she was so active, I also have never carried this long before, Giving birth previously on both occasions at 32 & 34 weeks I am really worried, I can't even sleep, but my midwife says my scan has been brought forward to tomorrow so Il be okay till then, Bit she did say ring my maternity ward if baby's routine gets worse, but I don't think it can get any worse/less so I'm a bag of nerves right now, But thankfully like you say, if she's born now, hopefully she would be okay as iv even had steroids injections weeks ago too ❤

  • My midwife was concerned about the size of my first baby, said my bump measured really small and was concerned that the baby would be drastically underweight. When my baby girl was born she weighed 8lb 1oz! Not what I'd call a small baby!

    I think at this stage the movements do slow down but if you are worried and its stopping you from sleeping I'd ring the ward.

    Hope all goes well for you x

  • Thank you, I'm just concerned because they say the baby was already on the small side of average, but now measuring 3cm under but all I can do now is wait for scan tomorrow, drink & move loads, and just pray everything's ok ❤ Maybe they might just induce me because I have other issues too 😳 Thank you for replying hun ❤

  • as others have said, please go to the hospital today and get them to do a ctg. My maternity notes say very clearly in white letters over black background "you must not wait until the next day to seek help when you feel reduced movements". Please go.

  • Hi, Carla. Hope you are well. Just wondering how your scan went on Thursday.

  • Hiya, Thank you for asking, I had my scan yesterday and thankfully baby is great & growing good too, Having gained 1lb weight in a few days, but I do have small baby's anyway, Baby is 5lb 2oz now at 36+4 and her routine she is really different to what it used to be, But after ctg, everything looks great, Thank god ❤ Thank you for asking xxx

    now its the waiting game to meet our little girl 💖

  • Glad to hear everything is good. It is really scary when they go a bit quiet, but thankfully baby os ok. Hope she will get chance to grow a bit more in the next few weeks. Good luck! 😊

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