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Am I a horrible mom?

My 2 year old is at the 'tantrum throwing' stage right now especially when eating. Few weeks ago, he used to eat food without any problems and now all of a sudden he just doesnt want to eat anything. He does like chips(homemade), pasta etc but no other food like what I make as an Indian mom(very mild spicewise).

So I tried which i think is not good - I played a police siren on my phone from a distance and I asked him to eat by telling him if he doesn't eat it, policemen will come. He did finish everything on the plate which made me felt good because he ate healthy and nutritious food but on the other side, I felt horrible because it felt like he did it out of the fear.

Is that right? Am I a really bad mom? I don't want to scare him but at the same time, I want him to be healthy as well. What do I do?

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Firstly, I would saying wanting your child to eat a healthy diet doesn't make you a bad mother. Children, especially toddlers, go through lots of funny phases and habits which on the whole don't last but can be very frustrating.

Whilst I can see your genuine desire for your child to eat well I feel it's best not to use fear to encourage them to eat. As a one off I can't imagine this will have any negative impact but in the long term in doesn't really promote a healthy relationship with food and nutrition.

Try to be patient and encouraging without being overbearing - easier said than done I know. Just keep offering a variety of food that you want him to eat alongside the things he likes.

Personally I would avoid using the police as a 'bad behaviour' consequence - ultimately you want your child to see the police force as a positive and approachable figure.

Lots of patience and encouragement will help to support your child xx


yeah. i can see your point. I wouldnt want him to get scared by the sight of the police. Lots of patience it is then :).. Thanks!


They do say that patience is a virtue but it's hard sometimes 😆!!! You're doing a great job so I wouldn't worry too much xx


Totally agree with Dublin.

Don't beat yourself up, though. Absolutely nobody is perfect and we just do the best we can :) you're doing brilliantly and whatever happens, you'll still be dearly loved by your little boy. Xx




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