Pregnant with 4th baby

I have a 9 yr old, 8 yr old and 9 month old (who was supposed to be the last) but I've just discovered I'm pregnant again! I'm shell shocked, we can't afford a forth and life is a struggle now. We only have four seats in our car so going anywhere as a family has been virtually impossible, we live in a two bed house and I'm returning to uni next week! I don't know what to do, I know we won't cope with an extra mouth although not keeping baby is not an option. Guess I just need reassurance and to vent

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  • Just take a minute to breath. The situation isn't ideal and you need to stop, calm down and take stock before you make a decision. Talk with your partner and make sure that whatever you chose is something you can both agree on.

    If you decide to terminate this pregnancy, don't let anyone make you feel bad about your decision. Only you are in your situation so only you can decide what is best for you and your family.

  • Hi Steffi 27. I have a 17 year old a 9 a 5 and the time when I found out I was pregnant my youngest was only 15 months old. To top it off u am having twins. I am only tell you this so you c there are other women out there. I have gotten rid of my car car it's too small and if I don't get a 9 seater in time for babies arrival I will take the bus. It hard u know financial. But I am not afraid to say there is site call free cycle where you ask for things and that's where I get some things from that I feel I don't have to buy. (Like steriliser,high chair, bouncer, etc ).

    If you choose not have baby no one can judge you you know how and what you can cope with. As for uni the policy states that if while on mat you you become pregnant them you mat leave can continue. Not sure what uni you are at but I was at uni with my soon to be 2 year old and had to take mat leave. But speak to them and here what they say. If you are not the owner of your house speake to you local council cause I am sure for a two bed with. 4 kids that's class as over crowed. But as LittleDolly said just take some time out and breath.

  • Hi steffi 27, just want to echo what others have said really. Don't panic. Talk to your partner. Whatever you decide will be ok. Do what's right for you. I have two under 6years old and it's hard to give them both equal attention - never mind having time to do my studies- so I feel for you. Best of luck.

  • Ah it will be lovely for number 3 to have a sibling close in age. I think 4 was easier than 3! No middle child, 2 pairs to have fun and u can pass clothes down to ease the expense. ( I have 11 now!) U were ob meant to have 4 so look on it as an amazing bonus baby - that's how I put It when I had no 11 last year at 43 after a 6 yr gap! Gud luck and try to embrace and enjoy your pregnancy x

  • I love that, two pairs, made it much easier to get my head around. Fabulous way to look at, thank you :) x

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