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2 week old superstars


Well, today is Holly and Poppy's 2 week milestone. The girls are currently going from strength to strength and are progressing well.

They have both come off their ventilators and are both on CPAP (a continuous supply of pressurised oxygen). Both are having some of mummies milk, Poppy is taking in a bit more than Holly and she is off her TPN and lipids (extra nutrients needed to supplement the girls diets). Hopefully Holly will be off hers aswell today.

Jeez ladies, it's been an interesting 2 weeks. I'll post more soon.

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Beautiful names hun! Glad they are doing well. Niamh sends hugs and sloppy kisses. Xxx

A www sloppy kisses are the bestest :) I'll bet she's getting big now!

Get weighed again on Tuesday, so we'll see. She lost a bit a couple of weeks ago, (obviously worrying about holly and poppy). She's adorable at the minute, though I think we have the joys of teething about to start! Rosy cheeks, lots of dribble and has started chewing everything, including me! 🙈 xxx

LottyB in reply to LottyB

Look after yourself! Xxx

That's great news 😃

How's mummy doing??

Mummy is doing fine thankyou very much, trying to muddle through the emotional roller coaster one day at a time.... Seem to coping.... Sort of lol

I'm sooo not ready for my LO to make an appearance yet......must be soo hectic for you guys right now.

Glad you're ok and the girls are doing well xx

Wonderful news! So happy they are getting stronger and stronger, always amazes me how strong tiny babies are. Hope you are doing well too x

Completenewbie in reply to Kat_C

They are little troopers! Yeh I'm doing fine thankyou xxxxxxx


Wow that's fantastic news!! Aw beautiful names. I've been checking here most days to see if there was any news - so glad to hear your girls are doing well. Take care all of you xx

Completenewbie in reply to Hidden

A www bless you sweety. So much has happened and I could have posted a million times over with different bits, but time just hasn't been on our side. The last 2 weeks have gone crazily fast. I do t know whether I'm coming or going lol

Thinking of you all, excellent news

Thankyou xxxx

So glad to hear that your little girls are doing well and that they're getting some of your milk. I know how hard it is to express when baby is sick. You are coping so well, bless you. Congratulations on reaching 2 weeks! Thinking of you all xxx

Oh that's great news, wishing them all the best in this world. Big hugs to them both. XX

Congratulations and so glad your girls are doing well. Beautiful names too. Make sure u look after you too xxxx

Awesome news. So happy and relieved for you. Do take care of yourself; so you can be fit when they get home. Hugs and kisses for you and the girls.

Lovely to hear your all doing well! Well done mummy daddy and little girlies xxx

Fantastic news!! Glad to hear the twins are doing well & improving. Great you are giving some milk & generally managing well. Recommend you take any advice & support on offer from docs, nurses, partner, friends, family, any lovely NCT class ladies you know / other new mum friend etc.

Do not worry or feel down / nervous or alone :-) am sure there are support groups for multiple births / icu babies too.

Gorgeous names too - was nearly named Poppy myself, they decided on an unusual name in the end, which is now more common as same as well-known popstar.

My sis now nearly 12 weeks with twins also!! Is Type 1 diabetic, so has consultants & an early scan at 6 weeks.

Wishing you congrats & every success in coming weeks & months:-) - keeping Holly & Poppy in thoughts!!

Our mum is twin & other twins on her side & I have 2 sisters, so was inevitable one of us would have multiple birth one day :-)

My sister's are non-identical apparently (so could be mixed sex) & our mum also non-identical twin (tho they are very similar looking & have very similar personalities as they are both girls I guess).

Hi Sweets, I've been away so just catching up on what's going on. Holly and Poppy are beautiful names! Sounds like they are little fighters! It's a good sign they are taking milk, will make them big and strong!! May they continue to get bigger and stronger! xxx

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