Second baby?

Morning all, it's some since I've posted here (and a different name) but I visited regularly before and after my son was born and found it a huge help and very often kept me sane! Well our gorgeous boy will be 2 next month and we've started thinking about baby number two.

So all is good in our busy but very happy household and we love the idea of adding a brother or sister. My only question is how do you find the time to try 😆??????

My husband says if I found out I was pregnant we should call the baby Jesus as it's would be a miracle!!!!

In all seriousness we have a great relationship and do find the time I guess I'm just being hopeful that I fall pregnant 'unexpectedly' as it took 18m last time (and a miscarriage) and I became so desperate for the BFP every month.

So sorry for the long post - I guess I'm just after some moral support for a very busy 36 year old mummy hoping to be blessed with a baby 😊.

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Hi, I love the ladies on here! They are so helpful!

just a thought but seen as your little one is coming up two, could he stay with relatives and you and your husband could have a weekend away? No distractions. Haha.

Whatever happens I'm sure it will happen in its own time.



It took us 6 months the first time and only 3 months the second and we weren't trying anywhere near as hard second time! I agree with LottyB if you've got grandparents you can leave number one with, have some mini breaks! As many as you can, you'll need to have them to remember once you're even busier with two! Good luck!


Hi lovely i would just say relax don't put too much pressure on yourselves. Enjoy yourselves and have fun 😉 xx


Ah thanks ladies. Yes we're very lucky that my parents live locally and they love to have him to stay 😊.

It's exciting times and I don't feel too anxious about things so hoping to hang on to feeling relaxed about everything for as long as possible.

Starting a new job soon (not great timing but there never is a good time) so hoping that and my little one will keep me occupied with little time to dwell on things!!

Off to book timeout for date night with the grandparents.....😆


Hi I'm 36 also and currently 7 months pregnant with my 4th baby. Due to my divorce from violent husband I met a great guy. And we have 4 children living with us all between 6 and 11 and I can say extremely busy household. We have been trying for a year and no result I thought I was too old and had a loads of health problems. When I gave up in my mind and just enjoyed my life I found out I was pregnant.

Just make sure you have some adult time, if you don't have family to help you hire a babysitter. X


Hey! Enjoy the trying! :) It took us longer second time round to fall pregnant (but everybody is different) , I did put that down to the fact that our nights were disturbed. Can any family/friends have the little one so that you and other half can get some time together (and some rest! I am sure you would be in bed by 9pm!)

Trust all will go well!

Take care!


We are in the same position as you and wishing we had decided to have a second earlier! However we get quite a lot of time together once my daughters in bed etc, been of the pill a couple.of months now and trying my hardest not to be obsessed! Our first was a surprise so didn't have all the symptom checking the first time around! Good luck!


Ah thanks xanon! Yes our son is tucked up in bed by at least 8 each night and still naps for a few hours in the day - so that's useful when we're both home at weekends!

I think you just have to take the opportunities when they present themselves 😆!!

I'm also trying not to obsess but it's easier said than done.

Good luck to you guys aswell and let's hope we can share some good news in the not too distant future xx


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