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Recovery time after c-section

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Hello I was wondering please how long people have found that they need help with basic stuff such as lifting / feeding / changing / dressing baby after a c-section?

I have had gynae surgery before (same place as for c-section) but that was under a general so the worst after effects I had were actually from the drugs (chronic constipation etc) rather than the op itself. I seem to remember it being about 2 weeks before I was comfortable moving around the house, but don't really remember clearly.

We are considering an elective caesarean, but I am wondering how I would cope when my DH goes back to work after 2 weeks...

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I had an emergency c-section last June, and -from what I remember- I could move about more easily after about two weeks. Saying that, my Mum came and stayed for a few days every week during my six week recovery period - it was a lifesaver! it meant that I could continue to heal. Do you have a close friend or family member(s) that could do something similar?

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Hello no unfortunately I don't have family, and my friends all live a long way away so this is my concern. Once hubby goes back to work it's all me!

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Ah! Well, during the recovery time take it as easy as you possibly can. Before your c-section, try and batch cook meals and freeze them, stock up on the shopping etc. When it comes to housework, leave it for your other half to do! X

I would say around two weeks for my self too. But a bit longer for stuff like doing stuff with the buggy so you might need to stick around the house for a few days at first

Hi, I had an emergency c section late last year. They get you up & moving so quickly that I was up all through the night with my little girl from night two.

My husband was able to take a week of leave after his paternity leave and I felt I was able to muddle through until he came home. By week five I was beginning to get cabin fever and just the occasional movement was sore. I think you probably adapt to the situation at the time and only do the essential things & don't feel you have to do everything! Newborns usually nap for longer periods so you should be able to rest then, good luck x

I've had 4 c sections and from my experience I was able to move around with comfort at around two weeks .

Every person is different though suppose it depends how your body heals but if you do decide to go for a section I would say take all paid relief you are offered even if you find you don't need it .

I think it all helps the recovery . Once your hubby goes back to work maybe just do the absolute essentials that have to be done and let hubby do rest when he's home . This might be tough on him but it will only be for a few weeks .

good luck with your decision xx

I had a cat-1 emergency under local in 2012.

I was home the next day and was doing everything myself and only taking paracetamol. I just did everything a bit slower.

I'm having an elective in June and will be coming home the next day again and will be doing the same. I won't have to do much as my son can get in the bath/shower, on the toilet, get dressed ect himself.

However it varies with everyone my sister had key hole and had 2 months off of work because she has a really low pain threshold


The hospital usually does not let you out before 5 days after the C-section. If you have good pain management, then you should be fine doing things by yourself quickly.

However, you must not push yourself! Caring for baby and yourself are the two things you will be able to do quickly (if slowly).

Most importantly, do things gradually.

Stay inside in your PJ at first and do not try to be a Wonder Woman: leave cleaning and any type of lifting(except for the baby) to your partner. Do not feel ashamed of stocking up on ready meals if you have not had the opportunity to prepare and freeze some before the birth. If the house is not spanky clean, then who cares!

Good luck and enjoy your little one!

for my first one it was about 2-3 weeks,but my second one was only a few days not nearly as bad.hopefully this one goes good too!

Hi there, I had a c section with my son, the Hospital seem to get you moving quite quickly. I spent 4 days in Hospital, and from night one I asked to do all feeds/changing nappies etc , even though midwife on duty did offer to help me if I was uncomfortable or in pain. I wasn't so wanted to just get on with it. Husband had two weeks off work but to be honest I followed a friends advice about walking up straight, keeping c section area dry, walking up stairs backwards and so on and didn't have to lean on him too much. I was back on school run after those two weeks and its a bus ride away so knew I had to be able to cope once he wasn't here anymore.

I agree everyone is different and its important to listen to your body.

I remember my husband going out for shopping on our 1st day home and I got polish out and was cleaning because knew people were visiting!! Sometimes its best to not push yourself too much though and just take each day as it comes. It was probably a daft thing to do! I also bought some lovely lounge wear from BHS so I could feel comfy but still felt more fresher than staying in my pjs every day. That was just a preference on my part as I think when you stay in pjs you tend to feel like you aren't well or something. And tbh I wanted something to cover the oh so fashionable stockings you have to wear.

Good luck and I hope all goes well x

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