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5 weeks pregnant, pelvic pain

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Hi all, I recently found out I am pregnant. I am a nervous wreck after my last ended in early miscarriage. I have only what I can describe as on off period pain. Is like a dull ache in the lower pelvic area and sometimes my right leg. Which is a much lighter version of the pains I used to get when on my period I am normally very heavy. Otherwise I feel great. Has anyone had these? Xxx

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Hi, I had mild pelvic pain and leg pain as well, I convinced myself I couldn't be pregnant because of it and that it had to just be a cyst. It turned out I had two cysts and a baby, the cysts went and now I am nearly 28 weeks. I would go to your dr or call your midwife and tell them your symptoms they might send you for an early scan as you have had a miscarriage before try not to worry they will do what they can to help and to give you piece of mind xxxx

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Thanks xxx

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How long did the pain last, and was it all the time x

I had terrible "period pain" especially in my lower pelvis and back, it lasted at least a week (around week 5 and 6) and I was using a hot water bottle constantly, but then went away and now I'm 17 weeks. Good luck! :)

Hi Jacqui,

I had pelvic pain - similar to a period pain, but stronger in my case - from a week before my period due day (which didn't come) until my 6-7th weeks of pregnancy. I have a cyst as well but is shrinking. Now I'm in my 9th week and the pain comes and goes sometimes but is much less frequent and painful. This is my first pregnancy so I didn't know if it was common, but apparently it is. I had 3 scans so far and baby seems to be growing well :)

All the best to you!

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