? round ligament pains

Hi I was wondering if anyone could help me. for a few weeks I have been getting pains lower down , almost under the bump if you will. It also feels a little tender on my pubic bone itself. However this morning when I was swimming (I am a swimmer so im used to swimming most days) I felt an awful pain on both sides of my bump. It was almost like things were twisting or just a stitch type/cramp pain. When I stopped at the side it stopped hurting but then as soon as I swam it was agony again. I am 23 weeks today and swimming has never been an issue till now..

Has anyone else come across anything like this?

thank you

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I am about 7 weeks still early:) but I love to work out and I was just talking to my friend who is a mother of two about cramping in your pregnancy because I'm already having mild cramps. It's normal. Just be more cautious when swimming or exercising. If you do feel too much pain I would consult with your doctor!! Congratulations by the way!!


Could this be SPD? My sister-in-law had this condition and it sounds similar but I don't know loads about it - check the NHS entry for SPD and speak to your midwife. If not SPD, sounds like a more general kind of pregnancy-related girdle pain. Maybe a pregnancy girdle/belt under your clothes would take the everyday pressure off of the area and therefore exercise might aggravate it so much. I used to get pain like this when walking from train station to work and had to stop every few steps, started at about 25 weeks. At the time I thought they were mild contractions but having been through labour I realise the pain of contractions is felt in a different place. Please speak to your midwife to see of she has any remedies xxx


Sounds like spd I had it with last baby turnin over in bed was a nightmare cud of cryed with the pain turning to climb in bath hurt to speak to midwife she will refer u


Thought it might be but I don't have any first- hand experience so didn't want to say for sure!


I'm 34 weeks and have had similar aches and pains. Mine is more nerves around hips and top of thighs. Unfortunately it's just something I've been told to get on with. I was training in martial arts prior to becoming pregnant and I stopped as I knew I could easily pull something or hurt myself. Swimming can aggravate it if it's SPD so it may be that you have to reduce your exercise or at least adapt what you do.

I've had these feelings since about 23/24 weeks and it hasn't gotten better.

There are some exercises you can do that are recommended by physiotherapists (check hospital website for fact sheet/guide sheet).

I spoke to my midwife on Friday and she has said that starting any other exercise or doing anything different may make it worse!

good luck xx


Hi, I used to swim, but after a session of doing some gentle breast stroke, I got home and my pelvis felt like it was breaking, then the day after I was walking round like an old woman. Don't think I have spd as such, just be aware of not doing breast stroke, or swap swimming for Aqua instead. this happened around 25 weeks for me. I'm now 31, and have to be careful I don't too much generally even house work or it sets it off. congrats and good luck x


I had SPD in my last pregnancy but it'd be a general issue on a day to day basis, never had it getting worse during swimming (which I did a lot). I'd definitely discuss it with the midwife, but as a general rule I'd say that there are just so many different aches and (mild) pain that just come with being pregnant, which often come and go without you ever working out why you have/had them. Anything that doesn't feel right, isn't normal for you or causes concern, get it checked out though! Maybe take it a bit easier than you did? If you used to do a lot of swimming beforehand, maybe your body now needs you to slow it down a little? I used to get cramps when I did too much exercise, so saw this as a sign to slow down whenever it happened. But best to have a chat so the midwife can help - in my case physiotherapy and hydrotherapy were the way forward with SPD.


PS: if it is SPD, it can get worse with certain movements/exercise like spreading/stretching out your legs. So that could be why it gets worse with swimming? For me it was the yoga that could cause problems, so we came up with other exercises whenever others were supposed to stretch the legs outwards.


Thanks everyone for your comments. I so its not SPD. I have a chronic pain condition which swimming helps with so it would be awful if I couldn't swim. I am hoping to see a physio tomorrow to discuss it and I see the consultant on Tues.

I do experience pain turning over in bed and when getting out of bed but that's lower down "under the bump". The swimming pain was higher up. I thought SPD was mainly lower down?

Again thank you


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