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Problems with my placenta

I'm now 27 weeks and been told by my consultant that I have a problem with my placenta. My baby is very small and they are talking about giving me steroids after my next scan on the 4th December. She also told me that she would try to get me to 34 weeks before she performs a c section but it may be before. I'm very worried as she was going to be tiny if I went full term let alone being really early. Has anyone been through this?

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Hi Ggfarley, my baby has been measuring small for the last two months and whilst they did say my placenta looked a bit more calcified than they'd expect, they were able to see that the blood supply was still good to baby so have just been monitoring it monthly - I'm now at 38 weeks and the placenta is still doing a good enough job feeding baby.

From what they've recommended for you, it sounds like your placenta more inadequate. BUT it's great that they have picked up on this and are keeping a close eye on you and baby. If the placenta isn't doing it's job properly then baby won't be getting all she needs to develop properly in the womb so staying in longer isn't necessarily beneficial. I do understand why are you worried about having a c-section so early but they wouldn't have recommended it if they didn't think it was best for your baby. And because it's planned, they will be well prepared to have all the special care in place ready for your baby after the birth.

Try not to worry too much about her size, she will be small, but once she's getting all the nutrition she needs she'll grow quickly! A couple of my friends had prem babies, one at 32 weeks and one at 35 - both boys are bigger than average for their ages now. Care is amazing for tiny babies, it sounds like you are both in good hands. Keep us posted and the very best wishes for you xx


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