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Help ?

Uhmm .. First time posting !

I had protected sex for the first time 4 weeks ago .. In the first week , my boobs really hurts that i cant even touch them ! I'm so really nervous that I might pregnant , so I took HPT and it was negative.. And in the second week , my boyfriend finger me ! Later on , I got my period .. It really is so painful in my lower abdomen and my lower back ! I think it's just normal for me because I'm experiencing those in my normal menstrual days .. After 5 days , I'm already done with my period . Then after a week , I feel really bloated ! Even though , I only eat a little ! Holy , it's really bloated ! And I often fart lately . then , I'm having a really hard time on pooping ! I have to put so much effort just to make my pooping successful .. And in my genital area i feel really itchy and umm like a burning sensation every now and then .. I had discharges from clear , a little bit yellowish and a little bit smelly and like a white sticky powderish-like ! Later on .. I'm really concerned whether I'm pregnant or not .. So I took HPT for the second time around , early in the morning ! And it was negative ! I'm quite nervous , I feel really bloated and gaining weight in the same time ! What could this be ? Help !

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Although the bloating and swelling boobs and constipation does sound like pregnancy, the yellow discharge and burning sensation sounds more like urinary tract infection (UTI). Drinking cranberry juice can help ease the discomfort during peeing but if the symptoms persists, it's best to seek expert medical advise.


It could be a lot of things you could be pregnant or have an std just make an appointment to see your ob/gyn to be on the safe side so they can run tests and do blood work to be sure of anything

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You said "protected sex" - was that a contraceptive pill or condom?

The itching etc could be an STD, BUT it is more likely to be thrush. It sounds like thrush, and thick-ish white 'stuff' is a symptom.

Personally, if I have sex using regular condoms (spermicidal) I always get thrush about 5 to 7 days later.

To be honest, I think feeling bloated & eating more or gaining weight is coincidental.

You got a normal period about 2 weeks ago from your post? It's hard to work out, but it looks like you are saying that you had sex 4 weeks ago, then 2 weeks ago you got your period?

Sometimes ovulation can cause symptoms that include bloating, wind, increased appetite, tender/heavier boobs etc. Just like those symptoms can occur around the time you get your period, as well as when you are pregnant.

Personally I'd go get some thrush cream from the chemist. If that doesn't sort out the itching/discharge, you'll need to see a doctor in case it's an infection.

Second, wait til your next period is due. If you get your period you aren't pregnant. If it's absent you could be, so take another test then.

Good luck.


Just to add, if you are constipated that can also make you feel bloated and gain weight (or look to have gained weight).

Try eating more fruit and vegetables, drink orange juice, and eat wholegrain pasta and bread rather than white/regular varieties. Same with cereal. Avoid it or go for a high-fibre cereal like bran flakes, weetabix or porridge. Also make sure you are drinking enough (fresh fruit juice or water). Apples and bananas are 'binding', so go for fruits like plums, prunes, grapes, oranges, raisins etc instead.

If that doesn't help, a doctor can prescribe lactulose which will help.


Uhmm .. Condom !


Yo ! I Just wanna add .. Uhmm , After my menstruation finished the sore boobs thingy had gone ! and the pain in the back also in the lower abdomen ! Now at the 5th week , my boobs sore's again , and some kind of pimple outbreak ! OMG .. Preggy or PMSing ?


Update : I already got my period ! and my lower abdomen really hurts as well as my lower back ! what could this be ?


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