miscarriage of a twin

Hi all, firstly I would like to say my prayers are to those who have lost their little angels, I am not currently pregnant but I have a question that has been bugging me for a while.

if a 16 year old is pregnant with twins but doesn't know it (by rape) and has been bleeding for 5 days and starts getting cramping pains and she is rushed to hospital with a suspected miscarriage, what would they do in the hospital if she went straight to A&E?

would she be sent to a ward? given a bed? have an ultrasound? blood test?

if she was given a bed and she miscarried one of the twins in the hospital what would then happen? would she have another ultrasound to check the other baby and to make sure all tissue is gone? I've also heard that they provide little funerals as well?

Thank you for answering and I am sorry if this type if tragedy has happened to you <3

I am asking this question for research, thank you for your help :')

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  • Hi, you may find the website miscarriageassociation.org.uk useful. My experience is that there would be no medical intervention unless there were complications. They would scan to check the other baby is ok and monitor the bleeding. Depending on how far into the pregnancy she is would also mean intervention may be different. What she should expect is that someone goes through her options with her in a clear way. Hospitals do have different options for baby, you can have your baby cremated with other babies gone too soon, a private cremation/burial (though this is usually for 2nd trimester losses) you can also take your baby home & bury them in your garden. If I can be of any further help please ask.

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