Could i be pregnant?

Im really confused about birth control and all, but i have the 28 day cycle were the first seven days after my period my pills are white and your suppose to use.a.condom the first seven days. I was on my last day, had taken that pill that morning and that night early next morning had unprotected sex and he pulled out even when precum. A week from that day i started my period, 8 day early. When i take my tampon out it is mote brownish than red. I am not sure what to do. Its only been a week.

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Wait another week then do a pregnancy test.

If you dont understand your birth control you should see your gp and ask them to explain it, or ask for another form... injection, implant etc. Its very irresponsible to be having unprotected sex uness you are actually planning for a baby. All common sense really!

Thank you! I have just sat here trying to word this without sounding too harsh. Now, crazy thinking the likelyhood is that its just the pill. Clearly you should be using a form of contraception you understand including the side effects and changes too your periods.

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