3MO baby sucking on jumpers and t-shirts but has problems with choking

My LO has been teething from quite early on and enjoys sucking his fists but recently he's taken to sucking or gnawing on my tops or his. He has also started to smack his tongue against his top pallet and eyes wide open then is sometimes sick or sometimes just coughs quite harshly and gasps for air. On a few occasions I've been close to calling an ambulance as his lips go blue and the terror in his eyes is scary, afterwards the shock of it makes him whimper but it can happen at any time totally unprovoked. Has anyone else had this issue??

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  • I'm sorry but I haven't had this problem. It musy be very scary for you. I would speak to you HV or GP. xxx

  • Sorry hun never came across this, must be terrifying! How can u possibly relax?! It is common for LOs to sook on whatever they can whilst teething. As far as the "intentionally" choking himself I would defo speak with a health pro. It is possible after sooking, that some of the fabric is getting jammed so he is trying to clear it (kinda like a cat with a hair ball). Xx

  • Is he choking after he's been sucking on fabric, you mentioned that they were sometimes unprovoked?

    Could it be some sort of acid reflux? X

  • I'd Def go and see ur g.p def if his lips are going Blue .. All babies can stop breathing for a few seconds but if his lips are going Blue maybe he is stopping breathing for longer if u don't get any joy at ure g.p I'd take him to hosp... hope they get to the bottom of it ASAP xx on the using ur jumper and his clothes my daughter used to put the cot sheet over her fist and suck it she still has her blanket now and she us 16! X

  • Sounds like he has the same symptoms as my Lo who has reflux, the coughing and pulling faces is normally in responce to the burning of the stomach acid as it comes up. My doctor perscribed baby gaviscon (thckens the milk, not much use as I breast feed) and ranitidine (which neutralises the acid, worked well) I would defo go and describe the symptoms to your gp and see what he/she thinks. After a week of treatment my lo stopped getting as distressed with reflux although he still gets it at times. Good luck

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