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I posted on here a few days ago and have got more things to ask about and would love some help, me and my fiancé are ttc, I was due on on the 7th and on the 12th I took a test got a negative result and did a test again on the 17th that was also negative, if I would of come on on the 7th I'd be ovulating this week but today when I went to the toilet there was a little bit if brown blood on the tissue but nothing since. Me and my fiancé last had intercourse the 15th could it be implantation bleeding or am I wishful thinking?

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  • It could be implantation bleeding but really it's impossible to tell at this stage. If you are pregnant it may be too early to detect the hormones in your urine. Perhaps see your gp and ask for a blood test? X

  • I agree it could be too early for a test to detect the pregnancy hormone, this is my 2nd pregnancy and with both a hpt didn't show for a good few weeks

  • You could try a good quality test like a clearblue with digital display (if you haven't already). It does sound like it could be implantation... Good luck! Xx

  • It could be implantation bleeding but then again maybe not. Maybe go to your GP and ask for the blood test, they can test again then and see if your levels are rising. My first pregnancy I had a negative test even a few weeks after I was due on. xx

  • Thank you all :) xx

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