Induction day has arrived!

So I was hoping my little girl was going to make an appearance b4 my induction date but clearly not. I've been having lower back pain the last few days, very strong BH but no real thing.

I am now sooo nervous 12 hrs from now I'm going to b on the labour ward waiting to b induced. It's such a scary thought as with natural labour there's nothing u can do it just happens but sitting round all day knowing I'm going to be induced tonight is making me so scared. On the plus side I am going to finally meet my little princess. Just hope all goes well and it doesn't take too long. Wish me luck and hopefully my birth story and picture will be up very soon :)

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Oh bless you! Don't be scared just focus on the outcome and lots of snuggles with your little girlie :-) wishing you lots of luck xxx

Good luck and hope everything goes ok :-) x

Good luck, I hope it goes really smoothly for you. Make the other half take you out for a nice lunch (if you can fit in it!) to take your mind off of it today.

Look forward to your announcement x

Don't be scared! If you're already having strong BH then there's a good chance the induction will trigger contractions quickly. And it's a process - first pessary, second pessary if needed - they don't just jump on you with a drip. Good luck!

Have a day of looking after yourself and relaxing.... Conserve your energy. Hope it all goes well, good luck! It's so exciting :D x

Bless you don't be scared! It's all part of the process to meet your baby girl. Have a lovely day today, spoil yourselves. Looking forward to hearing your story xx

Ah bless you, I agree get the OH to take you out somewhere nice and maybe go walking too.

For an insight my induction started with Pessary at 6pm, ripens cervix then my waters broken 6pm next night and delivery 10.40pm. So I was luckily pretty straight forward. I was by no means bored in this time and had my OH & Mum for company. I brought a book just in case I ended up being induced, it didn't leave my bag!

Your going to meet your baby very soon :-) xx

Thank u all. Hopefully pessary's work and I don't need the drip. On Sunday at 3rd sweep, my cervix was totally effaced and 2cm dilated, so hoping I don't need too much intervention just a bit of a boost. Mw said on Sunday they may just break my waters for me and see how it goes from there, especially if I dilate more over the next few days. Thank u all for your support :) can't wait to meet her. Xx

Well you only got 8cm to go! Sounds like your body ready and you hopefully wont need to much intervention and things will be pretty quick! Good luck xx

All the best

Try not to worry think of the end result :) xx

Just think, after all this time you'll be meeting your little girl really soon! This is the last awkward bit of waiting. Try to keep calm by relaxing, and not to think too much about what you've heard about inductions. Wishing you lots of luck, and that everything goes smoothly. Looking forward to reading your birthing story! X

Best of luck to you. think positive, you have 12 hours to get yourself in a really calm, determined mindset and the shock and surprise of labour wont suddenly catch you unawares! Sending you lots of positive vibes xx

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