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Unsettled sleeping during teething? Any ideas?

My wee man is 15 weeks old today & he is teething bad but no teeth yet. This last week he has been very unsettled & not himself. I had got him into a routine of going down about 8 & he would sleep til 6.30 and then take two naps during the day. This week his bowels are a lot looser and he's clingy and not sleeping well. Won't nap during the day unless can't keep eyes open even then a couple of times have had to keep him on my knee to sleep, a fight to go down at night & waking through the night crying & up from 5. Any suggestions on what I can do to help settle him & make it easier

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hey, ahh bless him. my son is 20 weeks and his first tooth has just appeared, well the point of it and its very sharp but to b honest I didn't notice till he shoved my finger in his mouth, his sleep has been a little disrupted, I did use anbesol and stuff but I didn't want to keep putting medicine down his throat, what has worked for me and feel free to be sceptical is amber anklets from they r a natural healing thing but like I say I notice during the day as he chews on his toys but I didn't think a tooth wud b here so soon as hes been normal. x


Hey. James is 21 weeks and for the last few weeks he has had disruption to his night times. He slept through from 5 weeks pretty much every night....the odd blip here and there. He was sleeping from 10.30-8.30 without waking. Then a few weeks ago...seemed to coincide with last jabs and teething at the same time, he kept waking every hour or so for a cuddle and wouldn't go down til about 1am in the first place. Naps were difficult in the day but he's never been much of a napper to be fair. I decided, knackering as it was, to ride it out and the last few nights we've had bedtime at 10.30 again and sleeping all the way through....not perfectly as one night he mucked about but almost back on track! On bad teething days where he clearly was in pain, I give Calpol before bed. I've only needed to do this a couple of times so far. I use nelsons teething granules which seem to help too.

When I spoke to a midwife she said around the 16 week mark they can sometimes become unsettled due to their development ...all the new things they are learning run through their mind at night and they are working their way to meet their next milestone. All you can do for this is respond to their needs basically. Could be this too. :-) x


Thanks ladies, I hate feeling so helpless to ease his pain and discomfort. I think I'll try the neslons & the anklet, anything worth trying cos I hate giving him calpol & the likes but have had to give in this week. He's down for his first proper nap this week at the min so hopefully that's a good sign.


Yh definitely. Give it all a go lol. I always think when it comes to Calpol, if you think he is in pain give it to him. You wouldn't make yourself struggle through pain if you didn't have to. Obviously not every night though haha!!! I'm glad he's down for a nap :-) hope he gets into a flow of it for you x


It doesn't sound like your keen on using medicine but my friend suggested Ibuprofen works better for dental pain then Paracetamol. I have not tried my bubba with it yet as I haven't brought any.

She also swears by cold tea spoons from the fridge and the teething granules.

I use Dentinox and Ambesol on the really bad days and Calpol as necc. We too have had very loose nappies, sometimes up to 6 a day, I spoke to HV at weigh in and she didn't seem concerned.

You might find as well with his age that he might be coming up to a developmental growth spurt, a few of the boys have been going through it. We personally have had 'wakeful' periods in the night, up to 3hrs...whereas right before he was sleeping through 9-11hrs. These last few days I can finally get him up for a night feed and back down in about 30 minutes so hope back on track and I have always fort him to get him to nap in the day but I am taking control and getting him too as he gets so overtired and add teething and its messy.

Thank goodness we don't remember going through teething! X


Yes, calprofen seems to last longer than calpol. My first LO got hold of a bottle of calprofen at 1 and1/2 and downed a quarter of a bottle. I spoke to doctor and they said would probably have upset tummy but that dose was so low they could probably drink a whole bottle with relatively little harm. Personally, I have always preferred it as paracetamol is more dangerous.

One dose of calprofen will last all night and normally helps them to sleep through. Calpol normally needs a top up in the night. I found that we'd have one day bad teething then two slightly less so, so hopefully you'll get some respite...


I've found the ibroprofen works better than the cal pol for teething. HV advised me to give this first and you can then also give the cal pol if necessary. My little one also wears an amber anklet as mentioned above. I do think it has helped. My little one is 20 weeks and sleep has been disrupted for about 6 weeks now. I initially though it was teething but I think it's more linked to these developmental changes. Check out the wonder weeks app which gives a heads up on when they are going through a 'leap'. It also describes the key development at that time. It's been an exhausting and bumpy ride for the last few weeks so good luck with it. Look after yourself x


I've found ashton and parson's teething powder to be great, you can buy it on the co-op pharmacy website. Think I might try an amber anklet, hadn't heard of them- and calprofen instead of calpol. So thank you! Calgel also helps my wee one calm down enough to take his dummy and go back to sleep, at least some of the time. Hope he settles soon, can be tiring x


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