Round ligament pain? Any tips on how to cope?

I'm 16.5 weeks and I've been experiencing what I'm assuming is round ligament pain. Stretching/aching/stabbing in bikini line area. I was on my feet all day on Saturday and by the end of the day I was in agony and finding it hard to walk properly. Stayed off my feet all Sunday which helped but still having pain. It's really frustrating because I was just starting to feel human again after weeks and weeks of horrible morning sickness. Anyone experienced this ligament pain? Any idea on how to deal with it?

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  • Round ligament pain or pelvic girdle pain? Might be worth chatting to your midwife or GP to see which they think it is. (My experience of pelvic girdle pain is it feels like I've been kicked in the groin. Lots of info at A pregnancy support belt might help, and do rest, if you need to! Taking it easy now could save you a heap of pain and keep you more mobile. Hope it eases soon!

  • Oh wow I've never even heard of pelvic girdle pain... I think I'd better talk to the GP, yes. THanks for replying! I hope yours gets better too x

  • I'm 14.5 wks and I've been getting similar pains, they definitely feel like they're in the soft tissue rather than the bones and joints. They're twinges rather than constant pain but sometimes come fast and furious. I am starting to show quite a bit so I'm fairly sure it's just normal stretching pains. I find they're normally not as bad if I am leaning back in a chair or if I am wearing my maternity jeans with the band folded over so that it is giving a bit of support. I still get the twinges but less painful. It is worse if I have a waist band or tight underwear digging in around the bottom of my bump. If you're getting a bump maybe these will help a bit too.

  • Folding the band over is a good idea, thanks. I do feel like I need extra support there when I'm moving around and it's def made worse by excessive activity. I might look into getting a support band. Thanks for replying! x

  • I'm 14.2 weeks and feeling something similar, particularly on my right side, as well as a constant backache (like a period pain). I find a hot water bottle or bath helps (well, it's a good excuse to relax!) Xx

  • I've been trying baths and they help to relax me but the pain remains. I'm nervous about hot water bottles though coz I'm worried about boiling the little one! I'm sure it's fine but... I think the best way to cope is to make sure I'm not on my feet for extended periods. I went for a wander in the park for a few hours and am suffering for it now! Thanks for replying and hope yours feels better soon x

  • Hi, started to get pelvic girdle pain at 19 wks, worst pain was in my legs. I visited a physio, which really helped to stretch area and give me some excercises to do. I purchased a Vulkan Fembrace support, which I wear when I know I'm going to be on my feet for a while. Really does help to take strain off joints but not to be worn a lot. Sleeping in different positions helps to take strain off joints. Physio said ok to sleep a bit on my right side and little on my back. All this has really helped and have not had anymore pains in my legs. Hope you get your pain under control.

  • Thankyou for this! I don't get pains in my legs, mainly the abdomen and in my back a little. My midwife suggested I go to a healthy pregnancy class next week to talk about physio. I might invest in a support belt and see if that helps. Thanks! x

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