Change in appetite

Hi all, anyone noticed a change in their baby's appetite around the 4 month mark?

He's def starting to feel his teeth move in his gums, dribbling and chewing everything. Seems very happy in himself, nappies all ok and so far so good sleeping ok just seems a little fussy with his bottle at times.

Have found a few threads on the internet suggesting it's fairly common but just thought I'd ask...

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Yeah Defo! Probably started with us at about 4.5 months! Drinks a few oz then plays, few more oz, play then the rest of his milk! Sometimes he will drink the lot and other he will drop a feed all together! Hopefully he is "back on it" from now on as he had almost all of his morning milkies where as lately he has only had a few oz at the most!! I actually think he is getting "bored" of it and wants some "food" he stares at us now when we eat! :) x

In so glad you said that!!! Eoin drank a few oz this morning and then looked at me and went 'ughh'. Like what is this Mummy??

He defo thinks having his feed is a game, sometimes he drinks what's left and other times not. Don't think it's worth visit to the GP? Seems pretty normal and he's not lost his appetite completely. Naughty little monkeys!! Can't wait to try him in solids xx

Yeah I didn't bother with gp, simply because he was still gaining weight following his line perfectly. Just persevere with it. Feed him when ever he will take it. It sounds mean but if I leave Hugo a few mins longer than normal, so he is really hungry and quite upset, he feeds much better! Hugo has baby rice at about 4-4.30pm, since giving him this he slept 7am - 7pm started him on it at 4 month! Going to start him on veggies as soon as I can get my hands on a blender!! :) xx

I dont know if its still on offer but john lewis had the kenwood tri blade on offer for £15 she got one and said was fab..not so much a blender but a hand held thing u put in a pan and just mix it there xx

Ahhh that would be my ideal choice tbh because they are small but Lewis had a run in with one once.. plugged in, trying to clear the blades as something wad stuck... pressed the on button... you can imagine the carnage!! He hasn't used one since and refuses to have one!! MUPPET!!!! Xx

Loooooooool!! Oh god that made me laugh. Bless him! xx

Typical xx

Yep yep!! Not that I haven't had any stupid kitchen incidents but that takes the biscuit!!! Xx

Toby is forever cutting himself with knives in the kitchen..while cutting up veg lol..last yr tho he took half his skin on his hand off as he left a pan handle over the flame. I had to spend a sat night sat in hospital. .then came home and had a pan with his skin attached. .was gross. Lol x

Eeeeeeew!! Think my worst one was getting a piping hot Apple crumble out of the oven, towel was damp, burnt hand, dropped dish on feet, dish smashed, crumble went all over my feet!! Stood in a sink full of ice water for like half an hour! X

Get out of the kitchen!! You're banned....Toby and Lewis too!! x

James's doing this...he's 13 weeks. A few ozs then use the bottle as a play thing and smile at mummy with it hanging out his mouth. He pushes it away when he's done with it so I know when he's had enough and lately he rarely finishes his bottle. He takes what he needs so I let him get on with it. But yh the dribbling and trying to put everything in his mouth is in full force now....blowing disgusting dribble bubbles is his favourite haha x

Yeh same here I get bubbles and he finds it funny when he blows big bubbles and I pop I probably encourage him butvit amuses him x

They are funny aren't they!! Hugo blows all his bubbles then sucks them back in! Mucky pup!!! Xx

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