Feeling absolutely pathetic. I'm 13+2 called in work today again sick just feeling mentally and physically exhausted. Not sleeping well and waking up all achy, stressed with too many stuff and work is just the last place I'd want to be. Feeling so guilty. I've booked a doctors appointment tomorrow to see if I can get a doctors note or anything but feel like they may just laugh in my face. Anyone else been signed off for similar reasons either in this or previous pregnancies?


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  • Hey, congratulations! Pregnancy is hard work, maybe harder then you expect it to be. Fatigue Exhaustion all normal and if you need to take some out to rest then do it. You shouldn't need a doc note as you can self certificate work for 7 days x

  • It really is exhausting in the 1st trimester! As above you shouldn't need a note for the 1st 7 days. Don't feel guilty, you and your baby's health is most important. My work has the strictest sickness policy I have ever come across and they basically said any sickness pregnancy related doesn't count towards their policy. Not sure what your employer is like but they shouldn't be able to penalize you for needing time off! :) x

  • Blimey that's mean eh! My work were really good x

  • We are only allowed 3 days off in 6 months, if you have more, you are put on an "action plan" (dunno what it involves) then if you have more sick days while on the plan you get less pay for those days.. 50% I think...!!!

  • Sounds like my work although pregnancy related sickness didn't count so I just said that is what is was..ur only allowed 5 days in a yr off at Gatwick where I unfortunately work x

  • I was exhausted up until about 16 weeks if I remember right. It does get easier and better so won't be too much longer and work shouldn't become funny with u with regards to pregnancy but my work were unfortunately but if over 7 days get sick note from gp x

  • I had a week or so of total exhaustion at 15w and stayed off work for a couple of days to rest but it made no difference, I was still really tired! After a week for me it passed and I felt more human again! Hopefully it's just a phase and don't feel guilty about taking it easy at work. If you're too tired you won't be working at ur best anyway so best to rest up if you can! You might want to mention it to your midwife if it goes on for a while incase you have low iron levels? xx

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