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Extra scan in 4weeks :)

Just a bit of a happy post, despite all the difficulties sleeping lately and cramps ect I'm very happy as at 34 weeks I get another scan to c my little pea :) I think it will b just at the right time aswell, not too far away from due date but something to keep me going for the next few weeks, as week by week I'm finding it harder, not had much sleep lately, getting more uncomfortable & breathless so its nice to have some thing to look forward to :) just thought id share x

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It's so nice to have the extra scans....I had four in all and I loved seeing my little cutey those extra times! I was just scared the sex would get given away at those later stages lol. But he managed to hide it from mummy til D Day :D


ahh thts one thing I wish I cud of had, as from the 20 weeks till birth is a long time but its cool you can see ur little one again, then it wont b long till u see (s)he for real. hope ur scan goes well when it arrives, yeh I found the last few weeks tough and aswell for me it was august when was bloody, get some cosy blankets and lots of cushions and try and get comfy when poss x


Well I've been told she's a girl and bought a lot of gender associated clothes so if anything I'm scared they ll say she a boy and I'd have 6weeks to get as much refunded as possible lol.

Thank u, I need it coz my partner had a brother with brittle bones and I was classed as low risk but offered an extra scan if I wanted, I couldn't refuse :) so fingers crossed all should be fine.

I think this will keep me going for the next 3.5 weeks, and then it will be Xmas and new yr then

I'll only have 3weeks left so it dosent seem like too much longer when I break it down. 9.5 weeks sounds ages tho, but shel be here soon enough :) x

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Haha..hope you've kept all your pink receipts just in case lol! x


I have but loads of places don't do exchamges & refunds over Xmas. I dunno what Id do if they were wrong. I'd be stressed out lol x


Lol I'm sure they aren't wrong. But if they were I'd be selling those bad boys online asap to get some dosh back lol x


Haha if u see a post in 4 weeks saying baby girl clothes bundle for sale u know y ;)

Hopefully they are right, think they are right for the majority of ppl they tell tho. X


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