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What u use for ur babys in the bath and for moisturising skin? And what u used and didn't like. ..I've seen the Johnsons naturals and thinking of using that but bought Johnsons baby Lotion and the oil with aloe Vera...I suppose I can only try them and see but I'm going to end up with a lot of bottles of cream. .tried olive oil as I had it here but his forehead and round his eyes has gone rashy... but would be good to know what u find good on ur babies skin and what u didn't like x


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  • Hiya! Both of my babies have baby excema I find that Johnsons make them rashy, dry and sore. Then I was told to just bath them in water only until they're a little older and that didn't work. So the doc prescribed oilatum unscented but my girls skin has been great ever since xxx

  • I'm beginning to think that Johnson's is making Lottie's head dry too. Before this, I used asda's own and her skin was much better, I will be going back to that to see if it makes a difference.

  • I use Johnson's on my son and it seems fine for him so far, soft skin and hair, etc. Skin is such a minefield though as it only takes one ingredient in a product to have an effect and it takes forever to fix!! I'll be keeping an eye on my boy as I have iffy skin but so far so good :-) x

  • I'm using Johnsons and his skin and scalp is lovely. :-) X

  • snap, my little man has perfect skin with johnsons, it hasn't made his skin dry or anything and the price of some of these products is a joke, we all have perfect skin here even with the dreaded johnsons ;) lol x

  • I'm using Baby Bee Shampoo and Wash and organic sunflower oil. Sam's skin is perfect (which is great as I have psoriasis and my brothers eczema/asthma/hay fever) - fingers crossed that I haven't just jinxed him!!

  • My little boy is 5 weeks old. I still use just plain water for his bath and hair wash and his skin has been rrelatively good. My health visitor advised me to use either sunflower or rapeseed oil (as in cooking product from supermarket) if I'm concerned about dry skin. I've not used them yet but they're supposed to be best for avoiding allergies and better absorbed into the skin.

    One word of caution though - avoid putting recently oiled baby in sunlight or strong heat source!

  • Lol rapeseed is just vegetable oil... but wouldn't mind trying sunflower... so u just buy from supermarket? Ok Thanks guys xx

  • Yes just standard supermarket fare recommended to me :-)

  • i use johnsons baby bath and shampoo but only a little bit of it and I use olive oil on her skin, my midwife said that johnsons baby oils just sit on the skin and they are not absorbed.

    I must say though I think it is more about how often you bath baby, (They do not need to be bathed every day) I only bath my little one every other day or every three days and on the other days I wipe her with a sensitive wipe if needed. :-) xx

  • I don't normally moisturise but tonight I thought I would with a 'posh' massage oil given to me by a friend who's baby developed eczema. I have oiled him up before but this was before he found his voice & tonight i think he was telling me he didn't like greasy muck on his skin :-p xx

  • I've avoided Johnsons with all mine as I found it dried their skin out too much. My two boys didn't need more than plain water and patting dry but my daughter had eczema when she was little. For that I used a natural alternative - oats! A handful of rolled oats in a flannel swished about in the bathwater was enough to seal moisture into her skin. If you can find a really soft flannel to put them in you can then use that as a sponge to wash them to increase the moisture they get on the skin.

    Another alternative moisturiser I've heard of as being brilliant is coconut oil, its lighter than things like olive oil and baby oil but just as effective and can be used all over your baby. I'd avoid anything thats scented or coloured in the first few months due to how thin a newborns skin is. Simple do a nice baby range if you can find it - its the only stuff I found that got rid of cradle cap on my youngest!

  • Thanks for all ur comments its all good to know and things I can try if other stuff doesn't seem to agree x

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