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Feeling so unprepared!!!

Now that I'm nearly 33 weeks I am starting to feel terrified!! I feel so low at the thought of not knowing when baby will come let alone what the labour will be like. I feel like I don't have a clue all of a sudden. I make lists of things I need to do which doesn't seem to be gettin any smaller and I'm finding so difficult to get things done. I'm really panicing I don't know wot to do.

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Is hard to be prepared for the unknown but don't be scared... be excited its the most amazing experience a woman can go thru...and we have the beauty of on line shopping now I done all my food shopping online got most of my babies bits online. .pram... car seat...all online though I did go and do a bit of pram shopping to have a look. .. sounds like ur a bit over whelmed but that's normal. ..I hardly have any baby clothes but I just keep washing and wearing his sleep suits cos I don't want to waste any clothes. .. if u haven't got bits u can always get them after... it will fall into place its a new learning curve that u and ur baby will learn together :) x


First things first the most important thing is that very soon you're going to have a beautiful baby.

With regards to your lists - revisit them, do they all really need to be done now? I found myself stressing over not having cleaned the kitchen cupboards and the bathroom! Really??! Does this really matter? No. All that matters is that you and your baby have a loving home to go to with lots of kisses and cuddles.

With the labour the advice that I was given is - one way or another the baby is coming out. Try to think about what your preferences are for pain relief etc...but remember things don't always go as planned. The midwives and your family/friends/other half will be there to support and guide you at all times you will be absolutely fine.

Try not to worry just keep thinking about holding that precious little baby xxx


Have you done any antenatal classes? Can you ask the teacher or your midwife for reassurance? I did a hypnobirthing course and it really helped reassure me that giving birth is completely natural and can be a beautiful thing, except it's been medicalised which in my opinion has made it scarier. This is the book that went with the course: reading it might help or there's lots of others on the market this one comes with a CD. Here's a video of what birth can be like:

Being able to focus on breathing and on the baby arriving helps in labour. The more relaxed you are the easier it will be, the more tense you are the harder and more interventions will be required.

Being able to give birth is an amazing privilege, that not every woman gets to experience. It can't be that bad otherwise we wouldn't go on to have more than one. You'll forget all about it once you have your baby in your arms, so no point in worrying about it now. All the best.

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Thanks for sharing this. I'm now 37+3 and feeling similar doubts. This really helped :)


Thanks everyone for your comments. I find great reassurance through talking on here and hearing others options. I ave ordered a book on amazon hopefully that will help and am booked in for class on the 7th. I have got to stop worrying about silly things and focus on the fact it'll all be worth it when baby is here. Xx


Worth a try, contact your local NCT branch, ask them if they can help put you in touch with other mums-to-be in your area. Where I used to live we had a pudding club, a group for expectant mums, run by a couple of mums who were volunteers every other Saturday. Informal chance to ask questions and meet mums who had already gone through it. Not experts but learning together.


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