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6 weeks, first baby, BMI of 36 and turning 40 in December - feeling a little scared about everything!

Hello everyone, although I have a loving husband, I feel I could do with some feminine support :)

Naturally, we are overjoyed about the news as we have been trying for 3 years. I feel scared though as keep reading overweight women have more risks, older women have more risks, first timers have more risks etc etc. Seems I'm I have everything against me for our baby to appear. I have a good balanced diet and have been taking folic acid in the past few years. I'm fairly active with walking, swimming and gym about two times a week. I have a fairly stressful job and work full time. I have only told immediate family but itching to tell everyone else our news. Is anyone else in a similar position or has been? Any reassurance or advice would be greatly received xxx

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First of all, congratulations! Secondly, what you're feeling is totally normal. I've had similar feelings all the way through (now 29 weeks). Your diet and exercise are good - you're doing the right things. It's so hard to do, but try to be positive and not let the negative thoughts overwhelm you. I've been going to pregnancy yoga, which has been great for relaxation. If work is stressful, try to relax on evenings and weekends. There is no reason why you shouldn't have a perfectly normal and healthy pregnancy. The time up to your first scan is the hardest - it does get easier. Good luck!


Hi I was 40 when I fell pregnant( first time mum) I think there is a lot of negative press about older mums however when I met my midwife and consultant they reassured me that I was no more at risk than anyone else. My Bmi was in the normal range however I have a friend was was 39 with high Bmi and she had a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby. I sailed through my pregnancy and had no issues just because of my age and a history of diabetes in the family I was tested for gestational diabetes, the test came back normal. My blood test for downs came back low risk. Don't worry about things and enjoy your pregnancy. I gave birth to a

beautiful healthy baby girl who is now 9 months old. Congratulations and good luck x



My little one is 3 weeks old and I turn 40 in December,

When I found out I was pregnant I was shocked by how much negative press there is about older mums etc.. down syndrome risks, the list is endless. In all honesty I think the stress of something being wrong is probably higher than the real risks of what we are worried about!! lol

Anyway point is, try not to over analyse everything or get to stressed out, if you are taking folic acid or pregnacare, looking after yourself and eating healthy then you are doing the best you can do for you and bump. xx Try to focus on the positives... Your pregnant and soon enough you can shout it from the roof tops and look forward to buying maternity clothes, babies first kick, first ultra sound etc.... good luck x

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I was on my 40th birthday holiday when I found out I conceived :-)

My baby boy is 7 weeks today and my 41st birthday is approaching fast! Eek!

Yes there are risks with being an older mum but all pregnancies carry risks and in all honesty when I was at hospital getting scans the room was full of women our age & over.

The main risk that was addressed was placental deterioration as an older woman and the consultant was quite insistent I was induced at 40 weeks. I resisted as wanted a natural start to labour but as it turned out I was induced at 40+3 as I had gone to day unit on a friday for a 2nd sweep so had foetal monitoring first and he HR was high...180...I was on the monitor most of the day and it was decided induction was going to be best for baby and I was booked got induction on the Monday anyway so we went for it.

Our son was delivered the following night.

I think depending on the NHS trust you come under as to 'policy'.

In addition to this Downs risks higher but this did not concerned me, I just had the routine blood test, I was not going to change anything it was more for being prepared.

Gestational Diabetes is another factor & maybe if your BMI is high you may be we greater risk?

Try not to worry to much & just roll with it :-) That's exactly what I did xx


Congratulations on your pregnancy!

Please try not to fret too much, high risk is overall these things tend to be still very good odds.

I'm a 1st timer at the ripe old age of 43, sailed through so far. I too will start to have sweeps at 39w so I don't go too much over 40w as a precaution but the risk only goes up from 1 or 2 out of 3000 to 6 out of 3000.

You are doing all the right things, staying active and eating well, taking your vitamins, I know it's hard not to fret. And hopefully the other side of 12 weeks you can relax properly and enjoy it!



Ah well done you!! I know women who have had their 2nd at 43 but not their 1st but I am sure I will as I get older. Hope everything continues to go smoothly for you :-) xx


Congrats. bmi was slightly over and I developed high bp in my pregnancy and I am 24 so age isnt really a big thing in my eyes. During my pregnancy I started swimming at least once a week as its one of best exercises to do whilst pregnant. As above there are plenty of women who are your age and lets b honest 40 isnt old at all. Take care of urself and theres lots of advice on the nhs website..I found it very useful. X


Sorry for late reply. Thank you everyone for all the great support and advice. I have been focusing on all the good things and feel a lot more positive about everything. Docs have put me for an early scan this Saturday due to the meds I'm on, thyroxine for underactive thyroid and bromocriptine for prolactinoma. I think it just routine to make sure the dosage is still ok. I have had all the symptons so far, tiredness, nausea, sore boobs which convinces me everything is good :)


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