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Is this normal?!

Hi ladies, tonight I've been feeling a bit funny. I'm 34+4 weeks and I've had sore pains under my bump and lower left of my bump. It almost feels like stretching pains and I've had a few cramp pains aswell. I've also been feeling very sick(not like me and haven't really been sick throughout my pregnancy) and have also had a spout of diarrhea (sorry for tmi!!) which is also really out of sorts for me as usually very constipated! This is the second night running feeling like this. The little man has been moving about constantly so I feel okay about it and I think that's why I haven't been in touch with maternity unit. Has anyone else felt like this?x

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These could be early labour signs - I'd contact your midwife to get checked over if I were you. Best of luck x


I'm 33 weeks and I had low abd pains for a couple of weeks. I've also been sick in my stomach just like in first trimester.

I've been to the hospital about 10days ago because I could see something in the mirror (when wanting to shave) and I got scared that with the pain and the other symptoms, I might be about ready.

I stayed at the triage a few good hours, checked everything and the conclusion was that everything is fine and those are not signs of early labour as they thought in first place anyway


Most likely just baby moving further down and getting into place ready to engage but don't worry they can engage weeks before there born. Also ligaments in pelvis will start to stretch soon too which also causes a bit of pain sometimes did with me. If it gets really bad then you can always ring unit for peace of mind :)


It sounds like the baby is just moving further down into your pelvis bone area to me.

as you mentioned all the movements feel fine & regular so I'd say don't worry too much just yet & also try & keep a good appetite as if you eat less you'll start to feel worse.



Thankyou! First time mum so every twinge is new for me!! Still feeling all what I said on post plus very very sore lower back pains. But little one still moving about like anything in there as usual. Think I will give midwife a ring in the morning just to be sure!x


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