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Thursday is getting close!!! ahh!!!

Havent posted in a while, Im now 38+4 and im being induced on thursday. Im nervous and excited, dont think i will sleep at all on Wednesday night. My sleep pattern has been so messed up recently, on friday night/saturday morning i made that nights 4am :O i couldnt sleep, all i wanted to do was make the dinner lol. So im hoping i go on my own in the next couple of days but if not, then to the hospital i go on thursday morning. 39 weeks!! I hope it goes smoothly, but apart from the obvious nerves i feel, i dont feel too bad about it, im just trying to stay relaxed about it, and what ever has to happen, happens!

We set the pram up the other day, his family believe its bad luck to have it in the house before hes born, but i have never heard of that before, and i hate hearing the words 'bad luck', like this isnt a stressful enough time already. I think its better having everything ready. Plus the pram looks so sweet, ive put a couple of the soft toys ive bought him in there. Im not feeling bad in myself though, and usually im quite an emotional person so im quite impressed with how im feeling. i would say im taking it all in my stride. It will probably be when hes actually here, and ive been through his birth that i will take a moment (or a few) to have a cry! I just cant wait to meet my little boy, and i know his daddy feels the same, hes always rubbing bump and asking what hes been up to that day :) And my partners first little boy, i think hes confused but hes happy, im not sure that he understands how this baby is his little brother. Hes just refers to baby as my baby. Hes only 6, it must be hard for him to take it all in. he was over on sunday as he usually is and we baked and watched a film and just generally tried to have a nice day with him. And i know he likes me, he actually wants me to help with his homework and i love the feeling of knowing im helping him learn. He will make a brilliant big brother i know it!!!

So thats about it for this post. Oh, one thing i noticed this morning actually, throughout pregnancy ive had a chubbier face, which i know is common, but this morning, my face seems to have changed over night, its slimmer! Even my man said that! its weird! And apart from the crotch pain/hip pain and the nipple pain thats started up again, im not really fed up, i think my body knows what it has to do now, and my fingers are crossed that it does it on its own before 9:30 on thrusday. Im going to miss my big boy bump and feeling his movements.

Anyways, hope everyone is well! i will share my birth story, whether im induced or not.

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Good luck hun! Enjoy your little man when he makes his entrance xx


Apparently u can lose a few pounds due to water retention just before labour so maybe thats a sign ! Glad ur feeling good.... fingers crossed something happens before thurs all the best look forward to pics and story x


Nice to read your post. Hopefully everything does start on it's own. I was induced with my second daughter 10 days before my due date and it went fine but I was totally unable to sleep the night before and really, really nervous on that morning. She was born the following morning in good health.

It annoys me when people try to rub their superstitions off on you - we had the pram months before my little boy came along.

Great to hear how well you are getting on with your partner's little boy. My daughters understood the physical side of me having a baby but have been knocked for six by the emotional side of it. At six he will probably be a lot more adaptable and adjust quite quickly.

Hope all goes well for you. x


Good luck, fingers crossed nature will take its course xx


Hey good luck with it all. Hope you get going before Thursday then!! Don't worry about the pram thing.....I had mine in the home and set up early as it wasn't practical to worry about it being bad luck!! Lol xx


Good luck!! Hope all goes well :) x


I've said it before and I'll say it again; I love reading my old posts! This is a week away off being 2 years old this post! Ahh, memories! 2 weeks till my boys second birthday and 2 weeks and 2 days till my little girl arrives 😍


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