Feeling sorry for us!

I'm not one to moan but feeling very sorry for me and my little princess! Had a great pregnancy,great labour and a gorgeous baby girl. Hardly cried, so laid back! Then we got thrush! Only noticed when my nipples were on fire! She never moaned even though she had it too! We got rid of that and it was all fine. I then decided I was going to have the coil so had swabs done which were agony as I wasn't fully healed. Whilst at the doctors I asked her to check my piles that had occurred in the last few weeks of being pregnant but LO was unsettled so they went unchecked! Now everytime I poo (sorry for tmi!) I feel like I'm pooing glass and I bleed! Then LO had her 8 week injections which upset her for days, just getting back to normal now,felt so sorry for her. Yesterday I had a phone call from the doctors saying I had BV and need anti-biotics! Explained why I'd been feeling so crap past few weeks. I'd put my bad back down to leaning in my stupid 3 door car! Then had to go back to doctors for LO yesterday afternoon as she hasn't pooed for 10 days and is now having lactulose which hasn't worked yet! Our house is like a chemist! I'm quite annoyed at the fact that if I wasn't having the coil I wouldn't have known about the BV as it was the only thing she discussed at my 6 week check! Sorry for the rant but my LO hasn't got much of an opinion for me yet! Just feels like one thing after another!

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  • What a mare sounds like it hasn't been easy. .. hope u Start to feel better soon x

  • Sounds Like u have been thru it with ur piles and the bv.. not what u need when ur trying to look after a little one x

  • Think it sounds worse when I put it all together like that, I can't complain at all she's brilliant! Had it so easy compared to some people. Just can't bare to see her upset cos it's not like her! But thanks :) x

  • We all have to moan sometimes. Get everything of your chest.its hard watching little ones suffering as they cant say if they are in pain or whats wrong with them.so we worry so much but i'm affraid thats mums job-constant worry.my 8week old baby has had a cold for 2weeks now and its so hard watching her and listen when she struggle to breath through her blocked nose.i've tried what i could try but i guess i need to be patient and wait till it goes away.she seems so happy in herself and keeps smiling.its like telling me-mummy i'm ok :) she had her jabs yesterday and seemed so sleepy all day so that worried me but i know now thats normal.lucky you had swabs taken. I had bv 3times when pregnant and it was so annoying. At least they can give you proper medication for this.i found out i had group strep b only b'cos i had an appoitment with consultant to discuss cc.otherwise i wouldnt even know!i think they shoukd always check for things like this when you pregnant and after having baby.on my 6week check up my gp didnt even check my belly or scar!!!it was waste of my time.all she ask was what contraception i want!i'm not having this.i booked another visit and i wont leave until i know i'm ok.

    Oh my baby wasnt pooing for few days before.i know mw said babies can go without poo for 10days but it was so hard watching her struggling so i got her colief drops and after first dosage she went straight away.(i have to add that i tried warm bath,baby oil,massage and bicycle).hope you both will be ok xx

  • Thanks for replying, bless your LO so hard when they're small isn't it. I think tests should be routine. The only thing they seem bothered about is stopping us having anymore kids I think it's wrong. She didn't check my stomach or anything either. I've tried all sorts of massage, baths etc she must have a stomach of steel. Was told to expect diarrhea after she had rotavirus stuff but that didn't even work haha I wouldn't have been as worried if she wasn't uncomfortable. Abd we'll be fine thanks just needed to rant! Partner doesn't understand how draining it can be at times when there's nothing you can do for them and he's at work! X

  • 4 weeks after giving birth my piles erupted and I felt exactly the same like pooing glass it's because of straining on loo. Get some fibre gel two a day and eat plenty of fibre and water withing a week it will go don't strain though just sit and wait . :-(

  • Thing is I don't have to strain, if I need it i have to go straight away now. Going to try some anusol see if that helps

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