Depo injection

Hi all I had the depo injection that lasts 3 months, i had it on the second day of my period, typically my periods last round about 5days, so i should be coming off today, but can the depo injection affect the day you finish your period, can you be on longer than usual. Also i had my son 3 months ago and this is my first period since having him. Thanks for the help :) xx

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I used to take the "Depo injection" a few years ago before becoming pregnant with my 1st child.

My periods were a bit irregular to start with but eventually got into their normal rhythm after about a few injections.


Im considering taking this form of contraception again after I give birth to my 2nd child due in early November this year as Ive also had the "implant" & seen a big difference to how my body dealt with it.


Depo Provera can do either - some people with have a much shorter bleed, if at all, others will bleed for longer (but often lighter) for their first few periods.

I used depot for 12 years, up until being told I was infertile 9 years ago... I had it again 2 weeks after my LO was born ;-p. he's 12 weeks now! X

ive been on 6days now :/ :( no signs of it stopping x

I had no bleeding at all when I was on depo...heavenly no hormonal ups or downs...

I had no bleeding at all when I was on it. Not having it again as I'm terrified of needles but was also told after I'd had it that the hormones can stay in your body and stop you conceiving for up to a year! This makes sense as we caught on a year after stopping having it! This is great if you don't want any more babies but I wouldn't want to have to wait a year if I decided we were having another! Might not affect everyone this way though :)

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