A few months ago (about 5 now) I wrote a post here when I reached 12 months ttc. In February, I discovered I had high prolactin levels that did not allow me to ovulate. In March, my endocrinologist put me on Bromocriptine; after 1 month, the levels lowered, but not enough to be in the normal range; two months in, and my levels were normal, although on the high end of the range. But then they started going up again... Anyway, increasing the dosage by 4-fold resulted in my levels being low enough to be in the normal range (although once again towards the top) in early September. But my endo's nurse was still worried that the rest of my hormones would not be at the right level because the prolactin was slightly elevated, and thus making it still difficult to get pregnant.

So, when on day 21 of my cycle I started feeling cramps and heaviness in my uterus I thought my period was going to turn up at any time. Since over the course of my treatment with bromocriptine my cycle lengths varied from 22 to 33 days, I wasn't terribly surprised about the cramps. From days 21 to 25, the cramps continued to be quite intense, but then the intensity subsided. My boobs continued to become heavier and heavier, but again, that's a very normal PMS symptom for me. On day 29, when AF had not turned up yet I started wondering whether I could be pregnant. I have had so many disappointments, that I decided not to take a test yet, so that I could keep the hope going... On day 30, I left on a business trip, and told myself that I could take a test when I came back on day 33. But on day 33, I couldn't work up the courage. Neither could I on day 34. But on day 35, I thought I shouldn't put it off any more. At the end of the day, the disappointment would happen sooner or later, so better sooner than later! And if by any chance I was pregnant, I had to put an end to my glasses of wine at some point...

So when I got up, I opened the drawer and picked up a pregnancy test that had been lying around for almost a year (yes, I did accumulate a few...). When I saw the "+" appear, I couldn't really believe it, and had to go to the internet to find the test instructions to confirm it was positive! I don't think my husband could either...

Two days on, I am trying not to allow myself to get too excited yet. It is difficult though, especially given that my dear husband cannot hide his happiness. Hopefully, it will be fine...

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Ahhh bless big congrats hope all goes well xx

Oh thats just fantastic news :-)

Congratulations x

The worrying is not over I'm afraid, you're gonna spend every day thinking is this symptom normal and then when you feel great you worry as well, lol :-)

But its so totally worth it.

Good luck with your pregnancy x

Congratulations from me too and So true but you will learn to trust your body or you'll go nuts. Next step book appt with the MW :-) xx

Congratulations and good luck x

Thank you very much. Being a bit of a worrier about everything as I am, I suspect that Candicesesame is going to be right about the worrying not being over. But hey, every good thing has a cost! :-)

Congratulations, that really is lovely to hear. xxx.

Congratulation! Am happen for you,

What a journey! Congratulations hun xx

Congratulations and do remain positive please. Tho, it's easier said than done

I spent a long time trying for my first too, almost 3 years, although i didnt have any medical treatment to help me, i still understand the sadness u must of felt time and time again. But now u have that '+', and thats the way to stay! Remain positive and relax, and enjoy ur pregnancy! Hope everything goes well for u, u clearly deserve it! Congratulations :) and keep us all posted x

god I remember that feeling when the thing finally shows positive after all the disappointments, though I was lucky and it wasn't as long as you had to wait. It is fantastic news, congratulations! I also remember that it's a bloody long haul to 12 weeks when you are feeling so full of trepidation that something will go wrong! Hang on in there, and as these other wise ladies said, stay positive! xx


oh congratulations. I tried to conceive for 4 years and eventually got pregnant naturally. im now 4 and a half months gone and still have to remind myself daily that im not dreaming it is actually happening. I wish you all the best xx

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