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Tightenings or Braxton hicks ??

Hi ladies

I know this may sound like the most simplest of questions but im now approaching my 35th wk of pregnancy & i get regular feelings of mild sort of "contraction" type pains just at the top of my pelvic bone area.

I usually notice it more during the evening & at times stops me if im walking just to take deep breath in.

Right now I can say im most likely getting some tightening pains as my bump feels very hard & tight & times then has about a hour or 2 of relaxation.

This is my 2nd pregnancy but I can honestly say its alot more progressive than my 1st. And Im pretty sure when I have a good look at my bump I can sometimes make out the baby's movement too from side to side ( almost as if she's trying to roll onto her side from her back or something).

I honestly just cant wait now to have my Lil girl here. Im sure when I get home i will have another look at all the Lil' clothes Ive bought for about the hundredth time :)


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Hey Abenaa,

I feel the same as you. I think they are braxton hicks. my tummy goes rock hard like a basket ball and then goes soft. I have also washed all my baby girls clothes blankets etc... I think we are both a tad excited to meet our little ones :-) x


Hiya, your uterus contracts all the way through pregnancy apparently but we only notice it some of the time Braxton Hicks are a sort of stronger, toning contraction - the uterus getting itself limbered up for labour and you are more likely to feel them strongly the more babies you have - I guess it has more work to do to tone up again. This time round I am already feeling them quite a bit at 21 weeks so I must be in pretty bad shape! Don't remember having them in 1st pregnancy beyond a sort of 'was that a braxton hick?' feeling! Babies can set off runs of Braxton Hicks by vigorous movement (my boys who were back to back did a lot of that!) so you are probably right about baby's movement. With my later babies I had a sort of seamless transition from stronger BHs into mild contractions at beginning of labour. They are doing some good getting everything ready even if they are a bit of a pain!


Hey, I recall 2 periods of Braxtons....once around week 23/34 which were pain free and then again around week 34 which were painful had them on and off one day and on the train home had about 8 in an Hour, poo'd myself as they were painful & thought hope not early labour, but they passed and never had them again.

Found that abdomen would go hard for about a minute then relax. Xx


think im in the same situation, around 34weeks and bad pains but only on my right side, like really bad period pains. it has woken me up at night for the past two nights (hoping for better sleep tonight!) and literally stops me in my tracks - as its on just my right side i cant even bear to put any weight on that side if im walking or doing anything so have to come to a stand still, if im in bed the pain is that much i cant even move position to sit up. my hips have been creaking and cracking a hell of a lot too over the last week or so, so im guessing its all getting me ready (physically) for labour. last night i think i got that frustrated though that i havent been sleeping and that even turning in bed is a hassle (feel like an old woman) that i was close to tears, and then started to worry that if this was close to reducing me to tears then what would actual labour be like?!? reassured myself today it was just due to lack of sleep and being cranky!


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