What to do to get a back to back baby in the right postion?

I am 37 weeks pregnant and on my last appointment with midwife. She told me my baby was back to back. I just wanted to know if anyone of you know how to get the baby to go in the right postition. And also have any of you ladies had vbac with a back to back baby. If yes how was the experience. Thanks ladies

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As far as I'm aware babies can change position very late in pregnancy so there is still time to turn around. Staying as upright or leaning forward when sitting and even resting on all fours is supposed to help encourage baby into a better position. Not all back to back labours are terrible, it just means that you're likely to feel more discomfort in your back and pelvis during birth.

In all fairness labour and birth are not the most comfortable situations for ladies anyway, so I'm afraid discomfort is unavoidable (unless you opt for drugs) :)

U can still have a normal birth with back to back think it requires more pushing at the end x

Ive also being told ( by my community midwife) the baby seems to be in a back to back position.

Im now 34wks into pregnancy with my 2nd child & even though im not completely worried about it I will be trying a number of things in attempt of getting her to turn around as the thought of more back & pelvic pain after birth does worry me more.

The CMV Did advise me of getting one of those "birthing balls" to get my pelvis bone to Jiggle around a Lil'


Leaning forward positions are key for getting babies to swivel round. Exercise balls are great. (I'm on mine now!), all fours, sitting backwards on a chair to watch TV. Even if s/he doesn't turn you can still give birth naturally, it might just need an extra shove to get it round the corner.

Abenaa - my baby is 'slightly' back to back. MW said that second tots are much more likely to turn in the early part of labour so is less of an 'issue' than first timers. She advised doing as many of the leaning forward positions I've mentioned as soon as we feel contractions start to help them along xx


It's good to know the baby still "may" turn in the early stages of labour, but Im honestly not allowing myself to get too worried just yet as if it's meant to be it's meant to be.

Yes my CMV also mentioned about doing as much leaning forward positions as possible so these last few weeks sound like fun :)


My first was in this position, took abit of doing 2 get him out but think it would have been better if I was abit more upright with being on my knees with arms over the back of the bed rather than refusing 2 move off my back. He was delivered by vontouse in the end.

Thanks ladies. The reason why I m worried is because I would like vbac and I dont have a birthing partner

I also don't have a "birth partner" as i think its a little bit over-rated (to be honest)

I like to think of a birth partner who could possibly feel some of the pain i'll be going through would be a good idea :)

My plan is to do the same thing I did when giving birth to my son about 5 yrs ago is squeeze the hell out of my partner's hand/arm & shout murder! :)

Hi there is a website (american I think) called 'spinning babies' which deals with babies positioning, including posterior/back to back babies. I found that there was almost a bit too much info on it, but they certainly seem to know a lot! Both of my boys (last 2 of 4 pregnancies) were back to back. My first son turned near the beginning of labour after I tried the midwife's suggestion of walking up and down stairs sideways (two at a time! Not recommended if you have SPD!) but nothing would turn the second one! He managed to swing himself round during second stage of labour. The main effect for me was that labour was a real struggle to get going - stop and start for days which was tiring. However both were born without assistance & with gas and air only. For my youngest I used a birth pool and I think the water was just the most amazing thing for dealing with the 'back labour' - once labour did start properly I had a dull backache between contractions but hardly felt it while in the pool. So yes, they definitely can and do turn in labour and even if you go the whole way they tend to make their way out anyway! I hope your VBAC is as you want it Sugar - I don't think that a back-to-back baby would be a big no-no, the problem with b-to-b labours is that sometimes the contractions are not as effective as the pressure of baby's head is not in the optimum spot on the cervix, so if anything the worry is labour progress with 'weaker' contractions - this does mean there is a higher risk of caesarean but I think they more often try to help the baby rotate with ventouse like Megzey's baby. It certainly shouldn't be a reason for not going for the birth you want, the chances are baby will sort it out either before or during labour. Especially if you help him or her along with forward leaning etc. Hope it goes well for you.

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