Feeling lonley :( 6am rant!

Hi everyone, just needing to rant really, nothing to do with baby lol. Ive been ill for the past two days after being diagnosed with anemia and put on iron tablets that aren't agreeing with me. it just happens to be at the same time this new xbox game has come out so i basically haven't seen my partner in two days! yesterday i was in work for 10hrs come home needing some tlc and feel second to the game eugh i just need a hug haha hes been playing for 12hours straight now :/ how is that even possible.....

ah well hope he gets sick of it soon!!

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  • Gta widow. My OH keeps hinting about getting it but so far hasn't. I don't know why they get so obsessed with these things. think your body takes a little while to get used to the iron tablets, especially if taking a few a day. Hopefully after a few days he'll have played himself out x

  • Curse the makers of grand theft auto for stealing our men lol x

  • He finally came to bed at 630 when i told him how long he had been on it, but now its my one day off before 5 days back in work and hes asleep! Jesus! Stupid xbox haha tempted to take a hammer to it! As for the tablets i recon i need a lower dose!

  • I would be banging around making as much noise as I could... ;-p

  • My thoughts exactly! Perhaps you are also due to test your smoke alarms too?? ;-)

  • Lol I knw exactly how u feel ... Funny enough cuz I didn't know how to express my self but yeh TLC is what a woman needs to keep her going dont have to b only sex!! Really my hubby too is always late into bed or dosed off to sleep doing his studies n mmm am sort v like mmm exuse me...

    Honestly it's disturbing ...cuz the other half should realise.... Cuz then he won't even make up for it ... N with one smile me typically forgive... Mm I need to toughen up

  • My boyfriend was same as this while I was pregnant..the day before I had her I was having contractions all day while trying to get house ready and he played his game..he was on it everyday! My little girl is 6 weeks on Monday and the play station hasn't been touched!

  • OMG i would go mental if my OH behaved like that. How totally selfish. Mine is a massive rugby fan and now the season has started again there's loads on the tele and he seems to have changed our sky package to a new Rugby channel!! we had a discussion about it and he has agreed to record some of the games and watch them when i'm out or doing other things. you've got to have compromise. After reading your post I feel very lucky that my OH is not that bad!! Mine has also learnt that during pregnancy, a box of maltesers is a great passifier!!! Put your foot down girl and get the TLC you need. Soon enough there'll be very little time for you it'll all be about baby so you should be enjoying this time while you can x

  • Very true Robson15...

    I need to put it in a action or like the way he is or do the same to him as when he needs and then he gets the message ... N next time he is better... But when I approach to talk through it he finds it difficult.. .. N get frustrated or mayb it's too much for him I dunno cuz I am 36 Wks n we have three children including one with special needs... N so at times he does nice things around the house for me n with kids at times,but this doesn't sum up with my personal LTC but he doesn't seem to understand this...?? Dont understand how I can imply this to him that this is serious....

    So any other ideas I can use?...

  • Hiya Suzie, I know this isn't what you were talking about specifically but re the iron tablets - if you have been given ferrous sulphate tablets and are finding they are messing with your system I would really recommend requesting an alternative. There are at least two better options: floradix iron and spatone both contain naturally occuring iron floradix from vegetable sources and spatone is basically spa water with iron deposits. They are more easily absorbed by your body which means a) less likely to disagree with you/cause constipation etc and b) they are more effective. They are not generally prescribed because they are a lot more expensive! If you go to your midwife or GP and say that the tablets aren't suiting you they should offer you something else. If you don't get any joy you could check out boots etc for any offers and get your own - it might be worth a try if you are feeling really lousy on ferrous sulphate tablets. Hope things feel brighter soon.

  • Yeah those are the ones, in currently waiting for my doctor to get a ring back coz its so hard to get an appointment so hopefully he will give me something different :)

  • Hi nan king... Am taking ferrous sulphate ... I am feeling really sleepy all the time... Now I knw thanks to u... I will spk to my gp too... Even though am getting induced this Monday coming ....??

  • Cool - I was a bit iron deficient in my last two pregnancies but it was only in the last one I had the tiredness - that is the lack of iron but you might find that another supplement will top you up faster Buety and improve it. Keeping it up after the birth for a bit is not a bad idea anyway as with blood loss etc it takes a while for iron levels to pick up again. Hope it helps you both.

  • Both Floradex and spatone made me violently sick - more 'natural' doesn't always equal better. Ferrous sulphate and fumerate both constipated me. I ended up on lots of breakfast cereal and steak!!

  • oh i know how you feel.. my wee mans 12 weeks old and i got up to do the 4am feed and no sign of my partner.. woke at 7.15 to get my daughter ready for school and came down the stairs... he had been up ALL night playing GTA :( he booked 3 days off work.. why the need to do an all nighter?? not impressed!! hes like a zombie today and its like we dont exist :( hope you feel better soon xoxoxo

  • Least im not the only one! The novelty should wear off soon! We hope :P x

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