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18 Weeks and absolutely no appetite or cravings and eating very little?

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Hello ladies, I'm currently 18weeks and I'm a bit concerned as I haven't been eating very much at all? I have no appetite and no cravings but I have no morning sickness anymore either? When I do eat its very small amounts of dry food/fruit and I get full very quickly. I can't remember the last time I had a full meal? I really want to eat for the sake of my baby but I'm just not hungry and I have no desire to eat, please give me any tips or advice if you can X

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eating little and often is the best thing too do and keep urself hydrated. I am due today and am still doing tht I don't remember the last time I had 3 full meals a day and wasn't ill after one of them, I hav only recently become obsessed with drinking a lot of milk so don't worry about cravings. I get like tht somedays and don't really feel hungry so I just snack on healthy things like fruit, cereal, yoghurts. just maybe try and eating smaller portions of ur favourite foods, maybe cook something u really like then freeze it in small portions so u can have little meals rather than a big one, I do tht few times a week and my boyfriend cans still have regular portions. x

I think it's fairly normal - I was the same. Snacked on fruit at work, forced myself to try to have at least one meal a day... Didn't really put on much weight, save for bump contents! Just keep doing what you are doing - eat the things you used to like and try to eat for bubbas sake.

If it's any consolation, if you BF you will be constantly ravenous! I can barely believe how much I can pack away now - far in excess of my pre-pregnancy appetite!!!

Oh my appetite really went. I feel like my husband is competing with me in the belly size as he keeps finishing all my meals.

I'm 29 wks now and have only out on 2kg and thats only in the past few weeks. I think my husbands put on about 4kgs lol :-) oops. I think he'll be on a post baby diet before I am :-)

My appetite has suffered a little since becoming preggers. I probably eat about 3/4 size of a usual meal i would have before and i dont snack on nearly as much choc as i used to...me and my fella would pig out in the evenings with cookies, choc n crisps just before he went to work. All i can manage is probably 1 cookie and a small bag of crisps. On the plus side...ive only added bump weight (except for my thighs which are chunkier) so much easier to lose when the sprogg has popped lol

Our bodies are wonderful things and I was watching Mr Mosleys documentary on the inside of the human body last night and our microfilae in our digestive tract do such a great job of sucking every last nutrient possible out of any food we eat that it will be doing its best to grab the vital stuff for baby. There was a woman on there who ate nothing but several bags of beef monster munch a day for 10 yrs and shes still living, although her hair and skin are pale and lacklustre, she is otherwise healthy.

Dont worry too much and keep doing what u r doing. If it was bad for u, there would be tell tale signs. :) xx

I really struggled to eat anything much for about the 1st 20 weeks of pregnancy i lost over a stone in the 1st few weeks before I put anything on due to really bad sickness only thing I could really stomach was maybe 5 chips and a bag v crisps a day (very healthy ino :) ) as I was being so sick kept going to my midwife worried that the baby wasn't getting enough she advised me to take a pregnancy multi vit n try not to worry as the baby will take what it needs from us! Now at 37 weeks I still couldn't eat a big meal but eat little healthy meals throughout the day n my little pip bis right on track so really wudnt worry to much just eat what you can and drink plenty of water :) x

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