Watching the midwives on bb2

there Is a man with his partner making all the decisions for her... she never had any scans. .. and he said she doesn't want any pain relief or antibiotics. ... she isn't English and dont know how much she understands but doesn't seem right bless her.but she had an amazing labour!.. also there was another woman pushed for 2 hours was told she was having a big baby. .. no screaming just looked like she was constipated i am amazed take my hat off to her!

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  • Oh I wanted to watch that....never seen it before. But I forgot about it and am watching Spartacus instead to take my mind off the fact I'm still fat and preggers! Haha!! BBC iPlayer tomorrow I think :-)

  • I was shouting at the tv at that guy lol. Saying the scan would disturb the baby.... Ermmm idiot!! I have loved this series I have to say. It's amazing to watch ;) x

  • We've recorded it tonight, Watching these births makes me cry. We settled down to watch a film instead but at one point I nearly jumped out of my skin! Thought was gonna bring on labour, dunno what bubba thought xx

  • He was really irritating !! If my hubby rubs my bump the way he while she was giving birth I'd head butt him lol, great show though cant wait for one born every minute to return xx

  • Lol. that is the reason my OH won't watch any birthing things. Not cause of the births cause he doesn't want me getting any ideas if he says anything remotely stupid like 'how are you feeling?' :D x

  • Lol same! I thought all them hands on her when she was in the water I would of started biting their arms! Who wants loads of hands all over u when ur in pain no thanks! She just seemed so quiet never voiced her concerns never said anything actually....found it very strange!

  • I must say I loved OBEM but the real experience with my midwives was soooo different. I was led to believe they are all angels but alas, that's not the case. Maybe because I'm in London and its different in smaller cities and towns but they just didn't seem to give a cr*p bar one who was lovely - sorry about the moaning !

  • The guy really wound me up - but the midwife seemed only to talk to him so I wondered whether no drugs etc was what HE wanted or what she wanted. But she did amazing and looked great after which kind of made me think how much better you probably are if you can manage to avoid drugs. Think I will be going for all the drugs I can tho, lol, I'm not very brave!

  • I will defo be having anything to help the pain she was amazing but I'm a wuss lol xxx

  • I just watched it! He was so frustratingly annoying!! Don't believe she, the mum to be had an opinion!! He was a control freak and the MW knew it x

  • He was scary - seemed to have no empathy at all. And I agree, it seemed to be him making all the decisions. I was pleased to see someone else translating for her near the end - her mum perhaps? Anyway, she's an incredible lady to go through all that without so much as a paracetamol!!!

    I'm loving this series. Quite interesting last night in that the midwives seemed quite polarised: either pro- or anti-intervention. Surely there's a middle ground of "see how you go, the drugs are here if you need them"? Might well be the way it was edited though. Have decided that my birth plan is going to include the instruction "Do NOT say "Good Girl" to me at any point." Don't know why, but that got right up my nose last night - Good Girl, Good Girl. She's not a dog!

  • Lol well all I could Say whenever anyone spoke to me when I was in labour with my 3rd was f@#k off had alot of apologising to do the next day ; )

  • I was saying that about an hour ago when I saw an episode of OBEM. I swear someone saying good girl to me will get a slap!! Lol

  • I am really enjoying the programme and can watch them now I have given birth and also cry when I watch the deliveries, still a miracle and still awed by it. The human body is truly amazing as are the little ones x

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