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Has anyone or know anyone who has had PROM and carried a healthy baby?


So it is a week today since my waters went at 31 weeks. I was discharged from hospital on Monday afternoon with antibiotics and a thermometer. Everyday I am still loosing them and having to change around 3 pads a day. I wake up in the morning feeling like I have got a hangover and have no energy to do anything, it eases off after dinner. My community midwife came to see me at home yesterday and I told her how I was feeling as I thought it might be my blood pressure but it is fine she said it is probably emotional stress more than anything. I am an emotional wreck, I sat there and cried when I was telling her how I was feeling and she just wanted to talk about breastfeeding, I just found myself staring at her thinking are you for real. I don't even feel like I am going to get to the stage where I am holding a baby in my arms.

Got twice weekly appointments in the hospital for Foetal movement monitoring, swabs for infection and blood tests.

The baby is breech and my consultant said that he very much doubts that the baby will turn head down now my waters have gone so they are looking to do a C-section at around 34-35weeks or if it does miraculously turn head down they will induce me for a natural labour.

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My friends waters went at 30/40 and she delivered at 31/40. Baby stayed in NICU/SCBU until the equivalent of 37/40 then home. No problems. He's now 3 months old and v cute :-)

Megzey in reply to DrFluffy

Did she go into labour though on her own after the waters broke or did they give her a C-sec?

dort in reply to Megzey

My water broke when I was 26 weeks, had my daughter at 28 weeks 13 years ago. Was in hospital for 12 weeks. She is absolutely healthy. No problem at all. Was prepared for c-section but had a vaginal delivery. My advice is be strong:-)

Megzey in reply to dort

Thank you. The baby is very quite, the community midwife tried to wake them up by rocking my tummy but nothing, the only reassurance I have is my Doppler. I have got my app at 1.30 this afternoon so will tell them my worries, that's if I can talk without crying.

DrFluffy in reply to Megzey

She laboured - 1h 40m!

Just got back from my appointment at the hospital, they seemed pretty happy with everything on the fetal monitor even though I have only felt the baby move 3 times today but it is a quite baby anyway, I am hoping for it to move around more after tea.

They said they will contact me if any of the results are abnormal so take no news as good news, they didn't really seem to be in great rush to get any results back.

Walked around Tesco to get some bits and it was leaking out of me like a tap, thanks to the mother in law she got me some super strength Tena so there is nothing gonna get past those bad boys but still doesn't take the parnoid wet feeling away.

Feel alot more positive now I have had my app and they said baby is better in than out for now so to keep it cooking.

Hidden in reply to Megzey

Oh bless u hopefully they will get baby out sooner rather than later must be a constant worry for u..... not long now....x

My waters broke at 29 weeks stayed in hospital for monitoring for 3 days and was given antibiotics to prevent infection and steroids to help baby's lungs in case I delivered straight away. I managed to hold on another 4 weeks until I was 33 weeks along then my temperature spiked and I went back to hospital for monitoring and went into labour whilst there. Long labour eventually consultant suggested c section as the infection due to the ruptured membranes was posing risk to baby. Lily was delivered fine but I had placenta accretia which led to me having a general anaesthetic and being in surgery for 4 hours and losing over 4 litres blood. I had to stay in hospital for over 2 weeks as did Lily as they wouldn't release her until I was discharged. She was only 4lb when delivered but could breathe on her own and was ready to leave hospital long before I was.

I know it's horrible walking around with your fluid leaking all the time. Just try to rest as much as you can an keep an eye on your temperature.

I know it's horrible, I had a rupture at 20 weeks, was kept in for 3 nights for monitoring, finally got to see a consultant who confirmed I had ruptured waters and baby has very little fluid round it, between 1 and 2 cm's. Baby is moving as much as normal, but they are keeping me on antibiotics and I am going into hospital twice a week to make sure I don't get an infection, if I do, they will deliver regardless of gestation, I am currently 24 weeks, i will be induced at 34 weeks unless baby comes early. I hope you are okay, stay strong and I would recommend tena lady max, long ones, I have to take a spare pair of knickers in my handbag also.

Megzey in reply to newmum15

Thanks for your reply. That post was put on over 2 years ago about my PROM. My little girl (who I was pregnant with at the time) turned 2 on Monday after being delivered by Emergency section at 32 weeks. Keep strong, although it is a hell of a worry at the time you will get there.

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