Quiet baby worried.... Anyone awake?

Ive been up alot of the noght worrying about my bump! i had a super busy 9-6 day in work yestersay didnt stop.so i wasnt really focusing on making sure he was wiggling then when i got hom i basicaly passed out from tiredness. when my partner got hom at 1am he asked how the bump was and i dont know if hes been moving or not. ive tried to get him to move over night but only got a few faint responses which is not like him. should i go to thw hospital asap? ive got a shop to run 10-6 today too!


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9 Replies

  • Oh I'm 28 weeks and he's usually a right wriggler at night! :'(

  • If you are worried, get it checked out... How far are you?

    Hope all is ok x

  • Def get checked out hun just put your mind at ease xx

  • I'd fully recommend getting checked, if only for ur own sanity. I had this exactly 2 days ago, except im 17weeks. I went to midwife drop-in clinic and was so glad i did because i felt so relieved once i heard baby heartbeat. xx

  • Its easy for me to say, but try not to worry too much. As you mentioned you had a long day at work & was quite tired when you got home so i can only imagine the baby has also got a bit tired & not wriggling around as much as he/she could.

    Im 29+ wks & i get quiet periods on some days but then by the following evening / morning I'll be pushed & kicked in the ribs again :-)

    if you truly feel as if something is not right try ringing your nearest MAU Dept to let them know your concerns.


  • Hi everyone, panic over! I rang the hospital they said to carry on trying my best to wake him for the next two hours and if still no movement come in to which I cried my eyes out on the phone to her (how embarrassing)!! Nether the less 2 hours a cold shower, jaffa cakes , jam on toast and energy drink later he give me a few kicks and has been back to his wriggly self throughout the day! Must have just been tired like me! thanks for all your concern it was the scariest thing ever :( xxx

  • Awwrrh! that's good.


  • It'll be the Jaffa cakes - food of champions!! ;-p

  • Whoohooooo :)

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