Thrush at 38 weeks -is it still safe to use a pessary?

3rd bout of thrush this pregnancy and for previous two Doc has advised external cream plus pessary. Just wondering given that I'm now term and could go into labour at any time whether the pessary would still be ok to use. Won't be able to get appt until Tuesday now because of bank hol. Anyone been in same situation at term and been prescribed pessary. Would like to get sorted sooner rather than later!

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Yes I suffered terrible with my 2nd towards the end of my pregnancy. Tbh I jst used the cream & gritted my teeth. I feel your pain big time.

Instead of pessary you can use the intravaginal cream or the soft gel pessary, both of which dissolve much much faster. Just make sure to be gentle with the applicator

Thank you x

I was scared of it as well kept on getting thrush midwife said to still use it but just use your fingers to insert it not the device.x

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