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What a morning, Braxton hicks contractions!

Hello ladies! What a morning I've had!! So that is me now at 25+3 weeks with my little man! My sleeping patern has gone all out the window and my only sleeping hours consist between 1-5 in the morning! I am now a walking zombie! Anyway this morning I woke up at half 4 with awful pains in my belly, only getting much worse! My god, maybe I'm just a wimp but it was agony!! So phoned nhs 24 and was told if they didnt stop to come in. Of course it was a man doctor I spoke to on the phone and his reply to me was "Braxton hicks are relatively painless". Like I said maybe I'm just a big wuss, but he ended up getting a bit of a mouthful from me! My partner was just fantastic (despite having a bit of an aurgument last night) and was there waiting on my hand and foot and told me he wouldn't leave :) jumped in the bath for half an hour and all seemed to settle down a bit and was feeling quite a bit better. He sat by the bath and held my hand the whole time. I must admit I'm so impressed because he is usually no use in situations like this and usually panics! I'm so proud of him and he really looked after me, and I have no doubts he is going to be amazing when the real thing happens! After sleeping all through the morning, still feeling pretty crappy, feeling exhausted, sore belly still but just an achy feeling, feeling quite hot and faint. Is that normal after Braxton hicks? Hope all ladies and their bumps are well :)

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Hey, I will start by answering the bit about Braxtons.....I experienced them early on in the pregnancy, probably somewhere about 24 weeks and these were just full strong pain at all and then nothing for a very long time. The next time I was 33 weeks and I thought OMG is this the beginning of the end?? I got up in the morning, 1 really strong one before work and it subsided and off I went to the day job, a few more milder ones mid morning and then came the bad boys......I had 6 in 30 mins on the train home, by the end of the journey I was in tears not because they hurt but because I was surrounded by strangers. Luckily my OH was waiting at the station to take me home, I got in the car...he started to try to console me, I already felt like a prize idiot for crying on the train so I just said 'Drive....get me outta here' and all was well. This was the hottest day of the year at this point and I leant the following day that a colleagues friend had them the day before and she was about the same term so I wondered if it was a 'weather' heat thing too.

Sleep...yep that throughout the pregnancy has been a challenge and I'll be honest I never expected it...most women talk about ' when the baby comes' well what about now, I am writing to you at 4.30am because I can, I have been amazed at how little sleep one can function on and I guess this is a sign for things to come. I found that throughout the pregnancy I had good weeks and bad weeks for sleep....if you can get in 5-6 hours even broken sleep you will cope. I am lucky in the sense now that I went on Holiday then Mat leave starting at 34 weeks and not a day too soon, apart from physically struggling you do have to cope on less and less sleep. I now have the option of an afternoon nap, my sleep pattern will either be, I will get up and back to sleep easily and not need a day nap or like today, I got up after about 3hrs, tried to get back to sleep....gave in, sat in dark with a joy so now I am up until I feel sleepy which may be about 6am and then I will go for a sleep & probably get through the day on that.

Hun, you will just have to roll with the punches....listen to your body, do what it wants you to do when you can and don't fight it. It is good that you have a supportive partner and that he has surprised you, hopefully this as well will make the coming months easier. My partner is great and the more I have struggled the more he has stepped up to take over my role. He knows how uncomfortable and painful I am at times and will do whatever he can to help and support me...that's all you need and you will get there :)

Hope you wake feeling better today....I am off to put kettle on again, Horlicks is my comfort drink in the wee hours :) XX


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