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Hospital bag and bits for baby in hospital?

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I'm 31weeks at the moment and read a post on hospital bags, do you have to take baby bottles and formula in case he doesn't breast feed? What size nappies did you all take? What type of nightys and going home clothes did you take (I like comfort) what essentials will I need that you couldn't live without in hospital? What about sterilising bottles? And what are good things for hubby to take in to keep him entertained and save me from murdering him.

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i have got pampers newborn nappies, got given loads so am just going to take a pack and have a few (10ish) in the bag and if need be my boyfriend can get more from the car. i have bought a couple of nighties, strappy ones that are easy to remove if breastfeeding, bought a couple of long baggy tops that i can wear while playing the waiting game, i have packed a pair of loose fitting tracksuit bottoms and a few loose t-shirts and strappy tops, loads of cotton undies. toiletries? just bought loads of the mini things from boots. has ur hubby got an i-pad or laptop? if he has get him to download films on there or something, my boyfriend has done that and as my due date is a sat (although doubt he will arrive then) my boyfriend thinks that he will be able to watch football (sports mad) on his ipad if we r in hospital. pack some snacks. x


Im now approaching my 29th wk of pregnancy & I've already started packing just the few bits & bobs of toiletries & clothing. In regards to the feeding bottles (in case of unable to breast feed) I'm pretty sure the midwifes have those Lil 250ML bottles for babies just in case.

Going back to the bag I've decided to take just a normal nightie gown / dressing gown, disposable pants & pads, A towel, shower gel, deodorant & so on.

as for the baby I've packed 2 sleepsuits, 2 vests, scratch mitts & hats (1 for hospital ward & 1 for going home) A pramsuit / coat for going home & size 1 nappies.


Hiya, food for OH is a must, mine had instant noodles and porridge where you just had hot water... I took a sleep mask, ear plugs and iPod to block out noise and grab so

Sleep before the main event! I got a pretty nightie from M&S with buttons for after ( which I didn't wear) and a cheap £4 one from Primark for the actual delivery which was dark blue with a pocket (pocket was useful for the tens machine!). I did get told off r to bringing wipes/ cotton wool but used the hospitals supplies. I took my own towels, then used the hospitals, which were offered, maternity pads are a must. We were given nappies so I took about ten of those it didn't pack enough sleep suits, would recommend two vests and two long sleeve, footed suits as well as hat and scratch mits. I didn't take formula or bottles as was lucky enough to be able to great feed so can't help you on that one. I am sure the MW would help you out. Good luck and enjoy the inevitable packing and reorganising! X

I was told by the midwife that I needed to take my own bottles and milk powder as they don't supply them anymore xx

Thankyou for the advice, ihave an antenatal class in sept so hopefully get more info then, I was worried about the sterilising etc... They say the bottles only stay sterilised for 3 hours, and being my first baby I'm scared of forgetting something stupidly obvious! I'm only 31weeks so have plenty of time to unpack and repack 1000x. My partner does have iPad etc... So will get him to do some downloading for his own safety during birth lol.

You can buy starter bottles which have milk in them and they are pre sterilised. Think they are about £8 for 6. They are one use and then you throw after. Don't have to go in fridge. I bought some aptamil ones. Plan to breastfeed but are there for if I'm not successful to keep me going until I can make my own bottle up at home with formula and sterilised bottles if need be x

This is exactly my plan.....emergency milk. I am not buying any bottles or other formula's until I know I need them, expensive purchase and I know many women that have not been able to bottle only breast feed.

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I Saw them in mothercare they do packs of 10 thinking of getting them in case I have problems breastfeeding.

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Brill I will get some of them in as a just in case cause I have all the best of intentions to breast feed but all depends on what he wants when he is born. I can have all my bottles ready for when we are home then for expressing or formula, makes life alot easier.

Check with your hospital about formula....mine told me on the tour they have it there for you if you need it :-)

At my Ante Natal they said they have it but prefer you to bring your own, then I quote from my pink hospital notes.....

'If your baby is reluctant to feed following birth this can be normal as a result of being tired flowing delivery. You will be encouraged to keep him/her skin to skin contact & try to feed him/her every few hours or give hand expressed colostrum.

No formula feeds will be given to your baby unless they become unwell as this disrupts the process of producing milk & disrupts your babies stomach. If a formula feed is clinically necessary the hospital will provide it for do not need to bring in formula unless you intending to artificially feed your baby'

I've packed and re packed my hospital bag & have used the lists that are on a lot of the pregnancy apps + advice given at the antenatal class... The most important things & those I wouldn't have automatically thought or are:

Breast pads

Maternity pads

Lanolin nipple cream

Lots of old "Bridget style" pants

Nursing bras

Nursing nighty (I too got a nice one from M&S)

Essential oils (lavender is calming)

Travel phone charger (you are not allowed to use a normal plug in hospital as they have to be tested- fire regs)

CD or music station (battery powered)

Bikini top (planning for a water birth)

Baggy/comfy day clothes

Toothbrush & other toiletries


Change for parking & snacks

Jelly babies & isotonic drink

Notes & birth plan

For baby:

Vests, grows, mitts, hats, nappies (rec. x20ish), cotton wool, muslins, blanket, booties, car seat.

I think that's about it?

Oh we have got a crossword book to occupy time.

I believe the hospital supply all you would need for formula feeding as its rarely needed in hosp, they're more likely to encourage expressing of breast milk... Also the hospital supply as many towels as you will need! Xxx

With regards to the milk a lot of hospitals do not provide milk if babies don't breastfeed, u have to supply ur own u can get the ready made ones in disposable glass one use bottles from mothercare and boots etc, but check with the hospital as some of them do supply the milk x


Our hospital provides the bottles but not the milk. I am intending to breastfeed but like you want to be covered so I have bought 4x little cartons of ready made milk from boots. We have also packed a bottle of cordial as we're bound to get thirsty and fancy a change from warm hospital water :p

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