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Severe period like pains at 33wks+1

I woke up about a week ago with what felt like period pains but 100 x worse I got up n walked round the house and after 10 minutes they seemed 2 dull and I was able to get back to sleep last night same thing again doubled over in pain 4 about 10minutes then they started to dull took 2 parecetomol n hugging a pillow managed to get back to sleep ne idea what this is thought maybe Braxton Hick contractions?

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braxton hicks arent painful they are uncomfortable....if you are getting pains like that you should have them checked it only at night your getting them? id give your maternity unit a call ask for maternity triage and have a chat with a midwife x


Yes it only happens at night could it be growing pains?


U do get pains but not as painful as urs sound. . Id def get checked out. ..I had a time with my second daughter whee I was up all nite in pain u couldn't touch my stomach cos it was so painful kept me awake all nite. .. the pain was constant and by the morning is had enough and rang hosp they told me to go in and had my blood done and it showed an infection but they didn't know what it was but had to stay in fora couple of days on a drip of antibiotics. .. so best always to get checked over I would say x


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