31+2 sat in hospital bored!!

As I said im 31+2 and sat in hospital for monitoring, I phoned them this morning after having what I believe to be a show, the midwife on the other end of the phone was pretty sure it was just an infection but due to my history wanted to see me for monitoring to be on the safe side, they took a swab + urine sample and decided to do another swab to check for signs of preterm labour, I think the midwife was nearly as surprised as me when it came back positive!! Im having no contractions yet but just feel off, I had steroids at 28weeks to be safe so if little man wants to come its not that much of an issue and my partner goes away on friday for 2 months so will be nice for him to meet our son before he goes!! So it seems like its wait and see time........................

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So have ur waters gone? Must of been a shock for you.... bless well put ur feet up and rest. ..I had a show at 32 weeks and contractions the dr said if I was 34 weeks then she would of left me but because of how immature baby's lungs are I had drugs to stop contractions... and steroids for baby's lungs. .. what have they said to u if start having contractions? If ur waters have gone they only leave u for so long because of risk of infection. .. hope all goes well xxx


No my waters havent gone yet, I think they'll just let me go as had the steroids 3 weeks ago + babys quite large, theyve not mentioned stopping me so dont know?? Xx


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