Irritable & Emotional !!!

Hi ladies

Well I know it's very normal (during pregnancy) to have up & down days but today has got to be the worst I've experienced so far.

So Im now 25+ weeks pregnant in my 2nd pregnancy & im not sure if its maybe the lack of sleep im getting due to the humid nights or the fact that im just feeling more emotional as the pregnancy is progressing but I've already found myself in tears due to absolutely nothing since I've got up this morning.

If its not because of my 4yr old son being on his summer holidays for the next 6 weeks I think I would of resulted into hibernating in my bedroom by now just because Im feeling so weary, down & just low.

Im sure i'll be fine by tomorrow "or the next couple of days"

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I know how that feels! I've had some awful days of tears and tantrums lol. I have felt sorry for my boyfriend at times because I usually end up sobbing over him and he doesn't know what to do because there doesn't seem to be a reason behind it. I didn't really get any particularly emotional moments until about 6/7 months then the floodgates opened haha!

I hope you feel a bit perkier soon :-)


thanks "fattyboom" I guess it's the fact I'm now approaching the 6months mark & everything I do is like a mission.

I can say I feel a Lil' better than this morning anyway



I'm glad to hear that :-) I hope you continue to do so and always remember you aren't alone! We are all emotional wrecks together lol


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